Resurgence Gaming disbands

by Josh Bury Feb 24 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of theScore eSports

Resurgence, which formed in the aftermath of the collapse of Murloc Geniuses, has disbanded, multiple sources within the team have confirmed.

The team was widely seen as a strong potential contender in the North American Heroes scene. The initial roster of Long "Daihuu" Wang, Austin "Shot" Lonsert, Jon "Equinox" Peterson, John "KilicK" Gelou and Josh "Ryxie" Waters went through a shakeup two weeks ago when they released Daihuu and added Manny "Fury" Medina.

In a comment to theScore eSports, Equinox confirmed that the team has disbanded.

"Fury decided to pursue other opportunities because he wasn't liking how the team was meshing. KilicK also left before Fury did but he was staying till we found a replacement, so we decided to call it after Fury left."

During the final qualifier, where they were heavily favored, Resurgence encountered connection problems, which they claimed were a DDoS attack. Their failure to qualify for Los Angeles had an impact on the team's environment, Equinox said.

"Yeah it had an impact on everyone, made us play worse and made the environment worse. We were favorites going into it and fell short cause of internet issues to a team we would have no issues crushing otherwise," he explained.

A TwitLonger from Shot also confirmed the disband and furthermore revealed that the team was in discussion with sponsors before the team missed qualification for the NA regional.

"This was a gigantic blow to our confidence because we had many sponsors telling us, 'Once you qualify we can finalize a deal.' So there was a lot of pressure on that set. Now we do not know who attacked Equinox and Fury [using a DDoS attack] but it doesn't matter at this point anyway," Shot wrote.

Shot went on to say that he was not upset by his time spent on the team, and wished his teammates luck.

"Overall I want to say that I am happy with my time on Resurgence and I want all of my friends to do great in their future endeavors. I want to thank all of the fans that truly supported us through thick and thin."

Both Equinox and Shot have explained that they will seek to continue their competitive Heroes careers.

Coach Kristine "Vaalia" Hutter and manager Morgan "Artemishowl" Kirkpatrick also confirmed on Twitter that they were also seeking new opportunities.

Fury was not immediately available for comment.

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