MVP Black to possibly switch from playing Heroes

by Dennis Gonzales Jun 1 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

MVP Black's coach Gwang "Coach Kim" Bok Kim has stated in an interview with, a Korean esports publication, "I don't know whether MVP Black's players will continue playing Heroes after this year."

A translation of the interview was provided by Reddit user r_gg.

The interview focused on Coach Kim's history in esports, his start as a StarCraft competitor and transition into a coaching role. But the conversation turned to his frustrations with the lack of growth in the Heroes competitive scene.

According to the translation, Coach Kim cites several reasons for the MVP.B players wanting to stop playing Heroes, such as feeling "the [heroes'] skills have been toned down over time" and that the rate of new heroes being added into the game is too slow.

Coach Kim also spoke to "the necessity of implementing a crowd funding system like Dota 2" in order for the Heroes scene to grow, according to the report. The International 5, Valve's annual championship for Dota 2, had a prize pool that started at 3 million and was crowd funded to 18.4 million dollars, the highest ever prize pool for a single esports event. But the core of Coach Kim's complaint, however stems from the lack of tournaments in Heroes and lack of support from Blizzard.

"Even if we are No.1 ranked in the world, there aren't any tournaments, and not much sponsors," he said. "You don't earn much even if you win all the international tournaments. My players are still young, so they still have opportunities to play in different games."

"Both my players and I are sad by the reality of we have to face despite being best in the world," he said.

MVP Black are are currently the strongest Heroes team in the world after winning the 2016 Heroes of the Storm Spring Global Championship. They also won World Cyber Arena 2015, as well as every Heroes tournament they have competed in in 2016 so far. Their exit would be a big blow to the Heroes competitive scene.

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