mYinsanity, Please Buff Arthas emerge from Group B at Summer Global Championship

by Josh Bury Jun 15 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

mYinsanity and Please Buff Arthas will move on to the next group stage of the Summer Global Championship at DreamHack Summer. Both teams emerged from Group B, with mYinsanity taking the top seed.

The winners' match saw Gale Force eSports face off against mYi in a series that was close, despite the 2-0 match score for Europe.

GFE's Khalif "Khroen" Hashim had great performances on Kael'thas and Li-Ming, but mYi's Markus "Blumbi" Hanke stole the show in the second game with Stitches hooks that single-handedly won teamfights.

The winners' match was the highlight of the day — that is, until GFE was forced to play PBA, who had defeated Latin American contenders Big Gods 2-0, in order to advance.

The result was a massive upset as Taiwan earned their third-ever match victory at an official global Heroes event and their first Top 8 appearance since the two-stage group format was adopted.

Game 1 was a decisive win for GFE, but PBA shocked the North American hopefuls by taking the series 2-1. In game 2, it felt like GFE never fought a teamfight at full strength, with PBA constantly picking off lone members of Gale Force.

Game 3 on Infernal Shrines ended with a thrilling all-in by PBA that GFE was unable to fend off. Nerves seemed to be in play as teamfights often started awkwardly for GFE.

Gale Force eSports was likely on the lists of many to advance from this group, but are now eliminated from the tournament. Despite that loss, they showed very strong play against mYinsanity, and they can build on this performance moving forward.

At the end of the day's broadcast, the groups for the second group stage — set to begin on Saturday — were announced. Team Naventic, North America's lone hope moving forward, finds itself in a group with MVP Black and eStar Gaming.

The groups are as follows:

Group A Group B
Please Buff Arthas X-Team
eStar Gaming Tempest
Team Naventic Team Dignitas
MVP Black mYinsanity

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