Crescendo, High Score qualify for NA Fall Regional #1

by Josh Bury Jul 11 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Crescendo and High Score are the first teams to earn their spots to NA Fall Regional #1 through the qualifier system.

Sunday's action saw Crescendo fight their way through a number of prominent teams to earn their spot.

In the Round of 16 it was Miasma eSports, an up-and-coming squad that has seen a lot of Chair League action. After that, Crescendo defeated the newly-reformed Murloc Geniuses. But their most surprising opponent was probably Vox Nihili, a team formed from veterans of Goon Squad and The PLEYZ that managed to take a game in the semifinals.

John Paul "KingCaffeine" Lopez seemed in fine form and picked up right where he left off, making huge plays throughout the qualifier including an aggressive Burrow Charge-Rewind-Burrow Charge in game one against Murloc Geniuses that saw him secure an extra kill for his team and help end the game.

High Score's route through the bracket was undoubtedly easier than Crescendo's, but they still had to face Peter Dinklage in order to progress. It was potentially a tall order, but in the end Peter Dinklage fell short.

The team features wily melee assassin Francisco "Goku" Avalos, formerly of Tempo Storm, as well as some former members of oVo Gaming and ex-Astral Authority warrior Jerome "KilluZiioN" Tanguay, who is now playing support.

But High Score, formed from three former members of Brain Power, plus Stafford "McIntyre" McIntyre and Jason "Jason" Mei, won with a clean 2-0. Peter Dinklage will have to wait until July 17 to pay his debts.

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