HUMA banned from Riot-sanctioned leagues

by theScore Staff Sep 1 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Team Huma

Team HUMA has been banned from participating in Riot-sanctioned leagues after repeatedly failing to pay former and current players on time, Riot Games announced Thursday.

“After an investigation during the Spring Split, HUMA received a warning in regard to negligence in their duties of ownership,” Riot said in a statement. “Since March 2016, there have been verified instances of late payments towards their players and HUMA not meeting all of their contractual obligations towards their players.”

After an investigation, Riot discovered that HUMA has both failed to pay its players the league-mandated minimum player compensation and has been unable to meet its contractual obligations as part of the team participation agreement, which requires teams to “fulfill all the submitted payment terms in their contracts with their players.”

“HUMA’s management has repeatedly violated its Team Agreement, and is hereby disallowed from participating in the Challenger Series or any other Riot sanctioned League,” Riot said in a statement. “In order to minimize disruption, HUMA’s management will be granted a grace period until 11:59pm CEST on October 1st to sell their Challenger Series spot, meaning a finalized transfer agreement must be presented to League Officials and the new owner must pass the standard approval process. This grace period is contingent on HUMA cooperating with League Officials in any requests/communication around payments and/or the transfer process, and is subject to revocation.”

In addition, HUMA’s owner Behdad Jaafarian has been banned from his position and will be unable to be involved with any team in a Riot-sanctioned league for one year.

HUMA was originally formed in December 2015, though the team’s head coach Kublai "Kubz" Barlas and analyst Jonathon "Kamikazplatypus" McDaniel alleged in February that the organization had failed to pay players and staff multiple times. The team received an official warning by Riot in March, though most of the players and staff left the team by May. HUMA subsequently brought on a new roster in June for the 2016 EU CS Summer Split, but that roster disbanded in August, with the team putting their EU CS spot up for sale.

Preston Dozsa is a news editor for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twitter.