Toyz announces new roster Raise amidst disputes with HKE

by Daniel Rosen Sep 12 2016
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Kurtis "Toyz" Lau has announced that he will be heading up Raise Gaming, a new roster that intends to play in the LMS, however his former team, Hong Kong Esports, states they are exploring legal action regarding his departure.

In a public statement, Toyz says that he believes he is no longer under contract to his former team. Toyz states that he was contracted to HKE until April 2016, at which point he attempted to buy out his own contract. He says that in response, HKE continued to raise the buyout price until he was forced to take legal action. Toyz says that due to the resolution of that legal dispute, he is no longer under contract to HKE.

HKE, however, dispute Toyz's claim that he is no longer contracted to the org. In their statement on Facebook, HKE denied Toyz's allegations that they raised the price of his contract buyout, stating that he did not have enough money to pay the price they set, and said they have suffered "unnecessary losses" due to Toyz's past allegations. "At this moment, he is still a lawful employee of HKE, and we have not agreed with his decision to leave," the statement read.

In October 2015, Toyz posted a statement to his personal Facebook page. The statement included a coded message intended for his fans, in which Toyz alleged that HKE owner Derek Cheung forced the team to participate in matchfixing, and that Toyz would not go along with it. In his most recent statement, Toyz admitted that he did hide that message intentionally, though said his decision to do so was rash.

HKE was fined by Riot Taiwan shortly after Toyz's October remarks, for attempting to convince their players to lose a match against Midnight Sun during the 2015 LMS Summer Split in order to secure better playoff seeding. While the players did end up splitting the series 1-1 due to off-meta picks, Riot cleared them of any wrongdoing.

Toyz is best known for his time on the Taipei Assassins, whom he played for from 2012-2013, winning the League of Legends Season 2 World Championships in 2012.

Toyz's first professional game for HKE was Dec. 25, 2014 after returning from a wrist injury that pushed him out of competitive play for the 2014 season, though he coached Fnatic during their 2014 Worlds campaign. While Toyz was signed to HKE, he did not play a single game for the organization in 2016.

Toyz's last professional game was against the Flash Wolves in the 2015 Taiwan Regional Finals on Aug. 8, 2015.

Raise Gaming's roster is as follows:

  • Hsieh "pk" Yu-Ting
  • Huang "Laba" Chen-Yang
  • Yang "Fish" Yu-Sheng
  • Chen "Lilv" Chin-Han
  • Lin "Koala" Chih-Chiang
  • Kung "Domo" Yu-Te (Coach)

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