Team Liquid promote David Lim to Head Coach

by theScore Staff Sep 28 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

David Lim will now be at the helm of Team Liquid's League of Legends team, as he will now serve as the LCS team's head coach, the organization announced Wednesday. Lim had previously served as Team Liquid Academy's head coach.

The former basketball coach made the move to League of Legends in late 2015, joining Team Liquid as an assistant coach focused on Team Liquid Academy. With Lim on board, TLA won HTC Ascension before successfully qualifying for Challenger.

TLA has made great strides through the 2016 spring and summer NA Challenger splits, securing 3rd-4th in the spring playoffs and second place in the summer playoffs, but were unable to qualify for the NA LCS, losing to Echo Fox 3-2 in the 2017 Spring Promotion elimination round.

In Liquid's announcement, Lim spoke about his goals for Team Liquid's LCS team next season.

"I want to focus on building a thriving environment. Having a place where our players are freely able to accept, give out, and really think about criticism constructively is important and is one area I feel we didn't work hard in during 2016," explains Lim. "It's healthy to have some conflicts but talking about it really accelerates the team's growth process."

On a more practical level, Lim says, "In reality, I just want to bring a more structured day to day process, where the whole day will be productive compared to just scrims."

Lim is taking over from Choi "Locodoco" Yoon-sup, who has coached TL's LCS squad over the past year. In his statement, he says that he was unsure about moving to a coaching role initially but while he feels he fell short of his goals, he says "one thing I'm proud of that I did accomplish was helping the growth of players and other staff on the team."

"David's been the TLA coach and the assistant coach for the main LCS team for the entire year and he's shown tremendous growth," Locodoco said in the statement. "He has a lot of strengths that I didn't have and I believe he'll fill the role well and bring TL fans the success they've been waiting for. As for me, I'm in a transition process and nothing is fully decided. I'll let you guys know as soon as I have something concrete."

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