Wraith on how Samsung chooses between him and CoreJJ: 'It depends on how [we] do during scrims'

by theScore Staff Sep 30 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of KeSPA / LCK Summer 2016

Samsung Galaxy support Kwon “Wraith” Ji-min returned to the starting lineup in their first match at the 2016 World Championship against European squad Splyce.

Following the team's first match, theScore esports sat down with Wraith to ask him about the team's champion select strategy and how Samsung decides whether to start him or Jo "CoreJJ" Yong-in.

Your team has swapped between you and CoreJJ in the bottom lane. How do they decide who plays and when?

It depends on how [we] do during scrims and what [our] attitude is towards practice. That’s how we choose who is going to play in a game.

Against Splyce you received Nami, one of your strongest champions. What did you think of your performance today?

I think I performed not all that bad, but I definitely could have performed better. I was really nervous today because it was my first game but I think I can do better in the next game if I get to play Nami again.

You received Nami, Crown received his Viktor, Ruler received his Ezreal, and Ambition got his Rek’Sai. These are all well-known, strong picks for Samsung. How did you approach this draft, and how do you think Splyce approached the draft against you?

Overall, I think the pick and ban was really good for us. Our picks were prepared in advance, but I think that Splyce’s pick and ban was trying to counter our pick and ban and it didn’t really work as they had intended.

You’re known for being a strong teamfighting team, but Ambition has said in the past that you have trouble choosing when to fight and when to back off. How did you choose when to fight against Splyce today?

It’s either Ambition or me that makes the decision to initiate a fight. In making those decisions, we consider how much health we have, what summoner’s spells we have up, what their cooldown time is, and other factors to decide whether to go in. It’s mostly Ambition who makes the decision although we do talk about it together.

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