Team Liquid run circles around CLG, defeat them 3-0

by Annabelle Fischer Apr 4 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Damian Estrada / theScore

Counter Logic Gaming held it down in the early game but every time Team Liquid would find a good team fight and it was all downhill (or uphill if you're Liquid) from there. Team Liquid's drafts were just too much to handle for CLG and they were shut down 3-0 in this quarterfinal match.

Game 1

CLG made a few first blood attempts in mid but when they finally committed it was actually FeniX's Urgot who grabbed first blood for himself before falling to the gank.

Team Liquid tried to put some pressure on the top lane turret but got surrounded by CLG. The ensuing fight lasted close to a minute as Liquid tried to retreat but in the end CLG came out ahead with the kill score at 5-3.

A gank in the top lane looked good for CLG but ZionSpartan got greedy and stayed too long. Team Liquid brought in backup and brought him down. With a pickoff not long after on Link, Team Liquid had evened out the kill score 8-8.

The mid game slow down occurred after that score was brought even. A couple of turrets fell, making it 4 for CLG and 2 for Liquid; not a single kill was added to the board as the game hit the 27 minute mark.

Liquid began to take a kill lead but they were getting split pushed hard. As they tried to take out an inhibitor bottom they were jumped and unable to escape, only getting the inhibitor turret.

The big fight that Liquid needed to fully get the advantage in this game came in the jungle near the bottom lane. They landed a big stun on Xmithie and ZionSpartan that led to four dead. That turned into an ace when Link got caught in his own base as Liquid took the top inhibitor.

Yet another ace came for Team Liquid near the Baron pit and they didn't bother with any more objectives, running straight down the middle lane to finish off the nexus.

Game 2

The four minute mark saw each team taking down a turret each, CLG grabbing the bottom tier one while Liquid knocked down the top tier one.

Quas fell in the top lane, giving first blood to CLG. He was looking for a safe place to find his level 6, but Xmithie's Sejuani wrapped around on him and made sure he was blocked from a crucial power spike.

As it headed into the mid game, both teams were keeping very even on all fronts. At the 20 minute mark Team Liquid had 4 kills and 3 turrets while CLG had 3 kills and 4 turrets.

However, as the next dragon spawned a bloodbath ensued in the river. Liquid killed three, but CLG took two for themselves; with FeniX's Corki low it was CLG that managed to finish off the dragon, their second this game.

By the 27 minute mark, CLG had a problem on their hands in the form of Piglet's Kog'Maw. After winning a team fight in the middle lane, they seized a quick and easy Baron buff. CLG answered with a dragon, but lost Xmithie and the middle inhibitor immediately afterwards.

The next building to fall would be CLG's bottom inhibitor, but with their opponents still all alive, Liquid needed to back out instead of going for the finish.

CLG defended admirably but after a couple of tries, Liquid were able to find an opening, sacrifice the Nunu to secure an ace and end Game 2.

Game 3

CLG sent four people to the bottom lane and took down the tier one turret there by the 5 minute mark. This time around, Liquid were not taking a trade. 

Counter Logic moved to add a dragon to their early game goodies but Liquid engaged to disrupt. The dragon didn't fall but Quas did and it was first blood for CLG.

Liquid had lost the objectives, but with a minor farm advantage they took solo kills in all three lanes in the space of a couple minutes. The lead was now 4-2 for Liquid in kills and that early turret didn't look so important any more.

The first dragon hadn't actually fallen after the early fight and at the 13 minute mark Liquid were pushing in the bottom lane and grabbed the buff for themselves with no contention.

While waiting for the next dragon spawn, Team Liquid settled in to split push, not allowing CLG to leave their side of the map and giving Piglet and FeniX space to extend their CS leads.

ZionSpartan gave up a kill in the top lane and that was enough for FeniX to pressure the bottom tier two turret. As he took that turret, CLG decided to take a turret of their own, but it was only the tier one in the middle lane.

Things were looking very dire for CLG after a very patient fight from Liquid near the Baron pit. Aphromoo went in ultimate-less and fell early. Liquid followed up with some huge ultimates and CLG lost 4, the score now 10-3 in Liquid's favor.

Liquid took another two kills as they knocked down the middle inhibitor with their newfound Baron buff but they were brought low and took the safe option, backing off for a third dragon.

Quas chased Doublelift all the way back to the Blue base, taking him out just before he could reach the rest of his team. With a 5v4 advantage, Team Liquid took a top inhibitor but were unable to repel CLG's defense and had to back out once again.

Liquid's plan was Baron, but CLG disrupted it to make it a game ending fight instead. Liquid easily aced CLG and returned to the base to kill the nexus.

Annabelle "Abelle" Fischer is a writer for theScore eSports with a love for Dota 2, birds and cheese. You can follow her on Twitter.