Bjergsen on TSM's Worlds performance: 'I think it’s gonna make us a lot stronger of a team next year'

by theScore Staff Oct 10 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games / 2016 World Championship

Soren "Bjergsen" Berg discussed how Team SoloMid handled their inability to move on to the quarterfinals at the 2016 World Championships in an interview with Red Bull's Xander Torres and Cass Marshall.

"It’s always really tough, I think," Bjergsen said. "At first we all sat down together and talked about how everyone is feeling. Not about that game; after the loss, it doesn’t matter anymore. The next time we play together will be in like six months, and it’ll be a completely different game. It was about how we feel in general. We all kind of relaxed. We have another meeting tonight before everyone goes home, but everyone let out their initial feelings. We gave everyone time to be sad, be with friend or whatever they needed."

TSM competed in Group D at Worlds alongside Samsung Galaxy, Royal Never Give Up and Splyce and finished the group stage in third place with a record of 3-3. This is the second straight year that TSM have not advanced to the bracket stage at Worlds, having finished the 2015 World Championship with a 1-5 record in Group D.

Though TSM will have plenty of time to mull over what happened at Worlds, Bjergsen said that the key move is to identify what the problems were quickly.

"I think it’s all just team based," Bjergsen said. "Individual play is not the biggest part of League of Legends anymore. I had some games where I played well and some games that I didn’t, but ultimately it’s nitpicking problems when they come up and trying to fix them earlier. It feels like similar stuff each year, but its always kind of different problems, it’s just about identifying them quickly."

But despite failing to advance to the quarterfinals, Bjergsen is optimistic of TSM's future going forward.

"I think just taking it as a learning experience," Bjergsen said. "This is Svenskeren’s first full Worlds, Hauntzer’s first Worlds and Biofrost’s first Worlds. I think that they learned a lot and are going to take a lot away from it and I know I will. I think that finally losing, if anyone decides to stay together, I think it’s gonna make us a lot stronger of a team next year. TSM was all about winning this summer split and we were always winning and that makes everyone happy, but really losing together and being able to take a loss together, builds a stronger team for the future."

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