Faker: Other than Game 1 against C9 'I'm not happy with myself'

by theScore Staff Oct 11 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of KeSPA / LCK Summer 2016

Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok, sat, one of League of Legend's most prominent players, down with ESPN's Tyler Erzberger to discuss the 2016 World Championships and his performance throughout the first leg of the tournament.

In the interview, the famed mid laner said that while he's had some strong performances int he group stage, he needs to keep pushing himself.

"I think my performance in the first game of the tournament [against Cloud9] was excellent," Faker told ESPN. "As for the rest of the games, I'm not happy with myself. I'm going to keep reminding myself of the first match and trying to [match that level]."

He also said that he didn't feel as if he's faced any top-tier players during the group stage.

"I didn't encounter anyone I think is an amazing, top-tier player," Faker said. "And yet, I feel like my current capability of performance is not as good as my [peak] level. I'm guessing if I were to encounter the top-tier mid laners in the tournament, I'd probably be an equal match in the laning phase."

Despite SKT's upcoming quarterfinal match against Royal Never Give Up, there was no negativity towards their players with Faker saying "I'm not the type of player that provokes [an opponent] before a game."

The interview concluded with Faker being asked about the possibility of running into H2k-Gaming's Yoo "Ryu" Sang-ook, an old rival of Faker's, in the finals.

"I felt that last year Ryu wasn't performing as well as he could have done," he said to ESPN. "This year, I'm feeling that he has improved a lot. I can see Ryu is playing with confidence, so he's doing great."

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