H2K defeat Albus NoX Luna 3-0, to face Samsung Galaxy in Worlds semifinals

by theScore Staff Oct 16 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Worlds / lolesports flickr

H2k-Gaming have swept Albus NoX Luna 3-0 in the 2016 World Championship in the final match of the quarterfinals. They advance to the semifinals, where they will play against Samsung Galaxy as the only non-Korean team to make the Top 4.

H2K started Game 1 strong as Jankos helped Odoamne secure multiple kills in the early game, allowing him to control the top lane for the rest of the game without much resistance. With top lane open, H2K began to push across all three lanes, as ANX were unable to put up a strong defense. Yet H2K's victory wasn't sealed until Ryu's Vladmir exploded in the mid game, securing a Quadra Kill and finishing the game with a 9/1/8 KDA.

Game 2 was defined by an ANX mistake, as ANX couldn't decide whether or not they should commit to the first teamfight in the bottom lane, resulting in a 4-1 exchange in favor of H2K before nine minutes. ANX never recovered from that fight, as they only secured two kills in the 23 minute game while the trio of Odoamne, Jankos and Ryu outplayed them until the game ended in a quick 23 minutes.

While not as dominant a victory as either of the previous two games, Game 3 saw H2K take a 10K gold lead in 25 minutes off of stellar play from Ryu's Sindra, who would end the game with a 7/2/5 KDA. Though ANX managed to defend their base for much of the game and took a sneaky inhibitor towards the end, they could not stop H2K from taking Baron, which was all the space they needed to storm into ANX's base and advance to the semifinals.

H2K will play Samsung on Oct. 22 to see which team will play the winner of the SK Telecom T1 and the ROX Tigers in the Worlds Finals.

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