Impact: 'I don't think there are any other better plans than bootcamping in Korea'

by Daniel Rosen Oct 18 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games/lolesports / NA LCS Summer Finals 2016 / Riot Games

While many North American teams said they would have prefered to hold their boot camps outside of Korea, Cloud9 top laner Jung "Impact" Eon-yeong doesn't think there's anywhere else to train for Worlds, the player told Yahoo Esports' Travis Gafford.

"I'm actually not a big fan of travelling on a plan, but that aside, I think that the boot camp helped us out a lot," Impact said. "I think that some teams have been talking about the boot camp hurting their performance and preparation for worlds but I think that is all plain excuses, Their team just didn't perform that well, it's not the bootcamp that hurt their team.

"I don't think there are any other better plans than bootcamping in Korea. You can't come to Chicago and play Solo Queue here for the whole time."

There have been some statements from North American and European players saying that a boot camp in the West would have been more convenient for travel reasons, but Impact said he doesn't think it's realistic. The NA and EU teams don't have some sort of alliance, and more importantly, you have access to stronger teams (and potential scrim partners) overall in Korea.

"I personally think that by bootcamping in Korea, it's a really good environment to focus on gaming, since there's nothing else to do there," he said. "You can also play with LCK teams, but you can also scrim against Chinese teams there.

"I also think if you only play in your own region, if you don't get out of your comfort zone, there are some things you might not notice in your own region. For example the meta changed completely during worlds preparation and through the bootcamp I think we learned a lot about that."

As for himself, Impact says he hasn't really considered a return to Korea. While the teams are performing well at Worlds this year, he feels like the biggest reason he has to leave NA is the fact that he'd have to fly less if he played in Korea again.

"I actually never through of going back to a Korean team, just looking at the Korean teams at worlds," Impact said. "If I wished to be on a Korean team just so I could advance to the semifinals, of course that might require some good team plays, but in the end, it's my own performance that matters.

"I do sometimes think about going back to Korea because of all the flying that comes along with being on an NA team so that might be a little factor, but it's not because the Korean teams are playing well at Worlds."

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