Watch: PraY's godlike Enchanted Crystal Arrow

by Dennis Gonzales Oct 21 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games Twitch

The ROX Tigers' AD carry PraY showed unreal presence of mind on his Ashe as he pushed in SK Telecom T1's base and watched Duke like a hawk(shot). Duke popped Teleport to defend his base, but PraY immediately shot a long-range Enchanted Crystal Arrow and hit Duke, which cancelled his Teleport.

Duke was forced to channel Recall, but the delay was too long and ROX took down the Nexus before Duke could muster a defense.

It was a play that caused the community to go crazy:

The strength of the Tigers' bottom lane in the game came on the heels of a completely unexpected Miss Fortune support. GorillA was able to use the creative pick to set Bang and Wolf behind in lane, and eventually help his team snowball to victory.

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