SK Telecom T1 defeat the ROX Tigers 3-2, advance to Grand Finals at Worlds

by Dennis Gonzales Oct 21 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games Flickr

SK Telecom T1 have advanced to the 2016 World Championship Grand Finals after their 3-2 victory over the ROX Tigers in the semifinals on Friday.

It was likely the most hyped series of Worlds as it was a meeting of the two Korean rivals. ROX were the strongest team in the Korean region finishing first in the LCK 2016 Summer Playoffs. SKT finished third in the playoffs, but SKT had a flawless 4-0 record against ROX during the summer season. The teams did not disappoint on the world stage at Madison Square Garden.

Game 1 was a scrappy affair that broke past the 40-minute mark, but ended in a flash as Faker landed a two-man Command: Shockwave that obliterated two players on ROX which allowed SKT to push to a win.

Game 2 saw the Tigers break out an incredibly unorthodox Miss Fortune support pick, which was perplexing on its face, but worked tremendously in practice as PraY and GorillA dominated the bot lane. However, as attention grabbing as the support Miss Fortune was, PraY stole the show with a heads-up Enchanted Crystal Arrow that stopped a Teleport Duke and allowed ROX to push down the Nexus.

Game 3 was much like Game 2, the PraY and GorillA show, which once again featured an Ashe and support Miss Fortune. The pairing found kills at every stage of the game and PraY was instrumental in turning a crucial 2v3 fight in his teams favor and took another victory.

ROX were on match point as they took the series to a 2-1 scoreline, but SKT took a big risk as they drafted Nidalee for Bengi, his first competitive game on the champion in his three-year-long LoL career. However, this was not a fact that you’d be able to glean from watching him play, as he was one of the SKT’s top performers and only got his first death 29 minutes into the game.

SKT held an advantage throughout the game and the gold gap only grew larger as the game went on. ROX were eventually whittled down and SKT forced a final Game 5.

The final game was a dead heat for the initial 20 minutes of the game, but SKT began to pull ahead in kills, net worth and objectives, which included four drakes. SKT gave ROX nothing, but took everything — ROX simply didn’t have the damage to hold their line and SKT closed the series.

SKT move on to the Grand Finals where they will face the winners of the match between Samsung Galaxy and H2k-Gaming, which will take place on tomorrow Oct. 22. The Grand Finals will take place on Oct. 29.

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