Ambition ahead of Grand Finals: 'I think we’re a good enough team to exploit [SKT's] mistakes'

by theScore Staff Oct 24 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of KeSPA / LCK Summer 2016

After Samsung Galaxy's 3-0 victory over H2k-Gaming in the semifinals, Samsung's jungler Kang "Ambition" Chan-yong spoke to Yahoo Esports' Travis Gafford about the team's journey so far at Worlds.

"At first when we attended the World Championship, we were just really glad that we were even here competing in this tournament," Ambition told Yahoo. "But with a bit of luck and our own hard effort, I think we were able to make it to the Finals, and this feels like all those years of hard work has finally paid off."

Asked about being the underdog going into the Grand Finals against two-time World Champions SKT, Ambition agreed with the critics and said that Samsung were "like the surprise from Korea."

"In Korea there’s a proverb saying, ‘Things that ought to work out, work out.’ So I think that kind of applies to us," Ambition said. "We were really lucky at some points, but I’m just really glad that I’m here going to the finals. I just feel like I’m getting rewarded for all those years I’ve been playing as a professional player."

Gafford also interviewed SKT support player Lee "Wolf" Jae-wan ahead of Samsung and H2K's match, who said he was "95% confident" that SKT would beat Samsung if they made it to the Grand Finals. Asked to respond, Ambition said that he agreed SKT was the better team, at least for now.

"If we just practice as we did up to this point, then we can’t beat SKT," he said. "We have to put so much more into it. But watching SKT play against ROX yesterday, I saw that they made some mistakes, and if they make the same mistakes playing against us, then I think we’re a good enough team to exploit those mistakes."

Ambition has been playing League competitively since 2011, naturally raising the question of whether he plans to retire in the near future.

"I don’t think winning the World Championship will influence my decision to continue or not," he told Gafford. "Personally, I’m not the type of player who can boast about my practice amount, I just practice the right amount and spend my time on other things, and I think that’s one of the reasons why I can play such a long career and that I don’t get so exhausted. ... But maybe at some point later on, when I can’t compete with other, younger players and I’m not as competitive, maybe that will be time that I consider my retirement."

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