MC to coach Kongdoo Monster LoL team

by Dennis Gonzales Nov 2 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of N/A / Red Bull Battle Grounds

The boss-toss is back! Well, sort of.

Retired StarCraft II champion Jang "MC" Min Chul, who left CJ Entus yesterday, has joined Kongdoo Monster as the head coach of their League of Legends squad, according to a report from FOMOS Wednesday.

MC will replace Kongdoo Monster's previous coach, Chae "ViNylcat" Woo Chul, who parted ways with the organization to coach CJ ENTUS in late October. Kongdoo qualified for the 2017 LCK Spring Season through the Spring Promotion in late August, so MC's work will be cut out for him in the new year.

MC was the first and only player to break $500,000 in earnings playing SCII, and has taken multiple international titles over his six-year career.

This is not the first time an SC2 player or coach has transitioned to LoL. One of the most notable examples was Park "Coach Park" Yong Woon, who left behind a long career of coaching SK Telecom T1's StarCraft: Brood War division and CJ Entus' StarCraft II division when he joined the Qiao Gu Reapers in late 2015. The QG Reapers have since rebranded as Newbee, but Coach Park remains a part of the squad.

Kongdoo, who were known as Najin e-mFire until January this year, trace their organizational roots in Korea's professional LoL scene back to early 2012. The team had a particularly difficult 2016, finishing 10th in the spring regular season and falling to Challengers Korea in the Summer Promotion. After working their way back up to a second-place finish in the summer season and winning the Challengers Summer Playoffs, they won their way through the 2017 Spring Promotion, eventually defeating ESC Ever 3-1 to reclaim their sport in the LCK.

In the tough season ahead of them, Kongdoo will need to prove that they still deserve a spot in Korea's top league. Hopefully MC's experience and determination can assist them.

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