Flash Wolves announce new top laner, AD carry for IEM Oakland

by theScore Staff Nov 7 2016
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Taiwanese League of Legends team Flash Wolves will be adding a new AD carry and top laner to their team on a trial basis for IEM Oakland, the team announced via Facebook Monday.

For the concerned fans of the Flash Wolves, Hello~

We will fly to America to compete in the IEM Oakland tournament, and for this tournament we will be making the following adjustments to the lineup:

1. The trainee, Lu "Double Red" Yuhung will play AD carry for this tournament.
2. Formerly a player of TM, Shen "Rins" Boru, will play top lane for Flash Wolves after the roster transfer.

At this tournament, Yu "MMD" Lihung and Rins will share the top lane role. The players' form at the event will be consulted, and the coaches will come to resolution on who will participate in a game. Following the World Championship, Flash Wolves continued to experiment with whatever roster might advance the team's quality. The Flash Wolves are far from perfect, but will continue to strive for progress and hold advancement close to our hearts and expand efforts until we are closer to victory.

Flash Wolves

Double Red is a rookie trainee from the Flash Wolves organization. Following the Flash Wolves' announcement that they would re-sign the entirety of their 2016 roster, starting AD carry Hsiung "NL" Wenan told fans on stream that he may move himself to a substitute position in favor of trainee Double Red (previously known as betty). Double Red is a high-ranked multi-role talent, but previously mained jungle.

It appears now that the Flash Wolves have taken the opportunity to try out this new configuration at IEM Oakland. The team has struggled to adapt a new ADC to their lineup in the past, but notably had issues with communication when they played with Korean AD carry Ha "Kkramer" Jonghun. This shouldn't be an issue going forward as Double Red is Taiwanese.

Rins formerly played for the Flash Wolves' academy team, but joined the main lineup with MMD after Chou "Steak" Luhsi retired. He moved to Team Mist (referred to as TM) in June of 2016, but the announcement reveals he will return to the Flash Wolves' roster and share the top lane position with MMD, at least temporarily. The coaches will decide whose form is best to play in each match.

Considering the fact that a number of top tier teams have already dropped out of the event, the Flash Wolves will likely use the event to strategically test new rosters on stage and make decisions for the upcoming season from there.

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