Report: CJ Entus choose not to sign MoMo amidst allegations of sexual harassment

by Daniel Rosen Nov 10 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of CJ Entus

CJ Entus have reportedly chosen not to sign trial AD carry Minsik "MoMo" Park to a full-time contract following the Korean LoL community's discovery of his past as a toxic troll, according to a report by Inven KR's Minyoung "Iro" Jang that was translated by Inven Global's Young Jae "RallyJaffa" Jeon.

According to Jeon's initial report on Inven Global, MoMo was known as a player who frequently harassed players both in and out of game. Screenshots of messages allegedly sent by MoMo to an unnamed victim were shared on the Iven forums, and include phrases such as "I want to kill your mother" and "I bet you show men p***y and b***s to get boosted."

The messages also allegedly show the victim asking for an apology, to which MoMo allegedly responded by daring the victim to sue him and doubling down on his harassment.

According to the translation of the Inven KR report, CJ Entus was not previously aware of MoMo's alleged past behavior, and the player will reportedly refuse a contract if he is offered one.

MoMo was one of three trial players on CJ Entus' KeSPA Cup roster, along with Lee "Reach" Joo-won and Seo "Soul" Hyeon-seok. CJ lost their qualifying round match against Ever 2-0, missing out on the bracket stage of the KeSPA Cup.

In his two games at KeSPA cup, MoMo put up a combined 0/5/2 scoreline on Caitlyn and Jihn, compared to his lane opponent Lee "LokeN" Dong-wook's combined 8/0/12 on Ashe and Varus.

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