Phoenix1 to play showmatch against Invictus Gaming in Shanghai

by theScore Staff Nov 10 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

North American LCS team Phoenix1 will play a showmatch against League of Legends Pro League team Invictus Gaming on Nov. 15, according to a promotional announcement on the Sina gaming website. The match is for PandaTV, which is Invictus Gaming owner Wang Sicong's streaming platform.

The announcement had very few details on the nature of the showmatch itself, but featured a promotional image with Phoenix1, Invictus Gaming's LPL team, and their all-female team, iG KA. The showmatch will take place at the Shanghai World Expo Park, and the announcement explained that P1 will attend in part because of their sponsorship ties to a Beijing-based film company.

Neither Phoenix1 nor Invictus Gaming have yet to personally advertise the showmatch, but it was confirmed by Phoenix1's manager via Twitter that the team is indeed headed to Shanghai.

It is unclear what time and what kind of showmatch will be held, as the last time a show match occurred between an LCS team (Cloud9) and another team (CJ Entus Frost) while abroad, they were restricted from playing on Summoner's Rift. They instead played on Howling Abyss in a series of 1v1s and 2v2s against direct lane opponents.

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