Doublelift, aphromoo, Reignover and Impact speak at All-Stars press conference

by theScore Staff Dec 8 2016
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At the League of Legends All-Star Event Barcelona 2016, Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng, Counter Logic Gaming's Zaqueri "aphromoo" Black, Immortals' Kim "Reignover" Yeu-jin and Cloud9's Jung "Impact" Eon-yeong spoke at a press conference about their favorite champions, what it's like playing together and their thoughts on the upcoming spring split.

Here is a full transcript of the conference.

Reporter: I wanted to ask, so Twitch and Vayne currently in Solo Queue are really popular and have the highest win rates — what do you think about their competitive viability?

Doublelift: I think Twitch is kind of the best AD carry right now. But then, Vayne has a high win rate because in Solo Queue everyone just throws really hard and then Vayne can — if she has one good teamfight — then she can kill everyone cause she's so mobile. But in real games I don't think she's good, 'cause you just lose your tower 2v2, then you have no pressure, and usually a team won't just, like, be really uncoordinated and all die. So you just focus the really low-farm Vayne and its really easy to play against her. So I think that's just Solo Queue, but Twitch is actually OP.

Reporter: For aphromoo and Doublelift, how was it playing together?

Aphromoo: Playing with Double is, like, pretty amazing honestly.

Doublelift: I hate playing with Aphromoo!

Aphromoo: He doesn't mean that. But playing together in bottom lane is always super fun, and we always joke around, so that's great. Easy to play together, probably from our built-up synergy over three years, stuff like that. But I enjoy playing with him at All-Stars.

Doublelift: Yeah same, it's really fun. I like it a lot more.

Reporter: Perhaps you can talk a little bit about the training habits? Preparation for this event, did you change anything? How long was the training period?

Reignover: I think most teams are practicing, they're not like just chilling, I guess, and of course we did practice too. And yeah, most of the time everyone just plays Solo Queue, and probably just one or two sets of scrims per day is what people are doing.

Reporter: Did you change anything? Especially for this event?

Reignover: Well, it was like most of the players were having a break before the All-Stars, so yeah, I mean I guess there's nothing to change from the beginning, because people were just taking a break, and then they just group, and then we just talked a bit about the pick/ban, and then just play some scrim to see how can we play as a team. Or just some communication I guess, and yeah, I think that's all for all All-Stars teams.

Reporter: Can you talk about your measure against GODV? And do you think he will bring out the LeBlanc?

Doublelift: I actually had no idea before this even that We1less was GODV. But now that I know that, yeah, he played pretty well. And actually I had no idea — actually, it's super funny. 'Cause, in loading screen, he didn't say anything, and then he says, "Oh hello," and I'm like "Oh, hi." And then he says "I think Game Over." And then I'm like, "Alright, why is it Game Over?" and he says, "I think LeBlanc beats all AD carries," and I'm like "Holy Crap! You're so confident!" So I just thought it was funny he just said that and yeah. I think I could have won by CS'ing him, like going to a hundred CS, but that's super boring, so I went for an all-in and it didn't work. That sucked, but it's okay.

Reporter: I have a question for Impact. A lot of Korean imports come to NA next season, and what do you think next year's spring season is gonna be for top lane?

Impact: So the new players that are coming to NA, they can be really good, but I don't think that means that the ability of the current top laners are going to depreciate just because they're coming in. So I don't think there's gonna be a lot of changes in the top lane.

Reporter: Hey guys, I have a question for Reignover. So can you talk a little bit about your 1v1 tomorrow against Rekkles? Because he was whispered me is like, "I really have to win, because Reignover is a jungler." So how are you going to counter him?

Reignover: Yeah, I'm pretty sure Rekkles must be way better than me at 1v1. And I mean, if I play AD carry against Rekkles, AD carry will probably all lose, and I think high chance he will play AD carry because yeah it's a best role I guess for 1v1. And I don't know when this interview is going to be out, but I think I'm gonna cheese him to win. And if it works, then yeah, it will be really cool. If it don't work, then I'll just probably get smashed, so I think I'm just hoping for luck.

Reporter: So for Aphromoo — so warding and roaming are obviously two key elements of supporting, and how important do you think it is to establish vision around plants?

Aphromoo: Plants right? Okay, playing around plants, I think Scryer's is the most important, because they can clear wards especially. And especially for dragon and Baron control, it's really easy to contest those. But once someone hits it it's pretty useless, so most of the plants, other than Honeydew, I would say are just whatever. The explosion plants you usually just use for an escape or something like that. Maybe once in a while there'll be a highlighted player or someone outplays on a plant, but Honeydew is actually really OP for bottom lanes, especially if you have push control, or just control in general. You can go get the heal and then stay in lane longer.

Hello, I'm from WTV and I want to ask if you guys have plans or interest [to stream in China in 2017?]

Doublelift: I look Chinese, but I actually don't speak Chinese.

Reignover: We have never even thinked about it, but yeah I mean...

Aphromoo: I have no idea. Sorry.

Doublelift, what do you think about going back to TSM and fighting for your spot in the summer?

Doublelift: Oh yeah, well, I'm kind of just sad that the initial response was... like most of the fans say that TSM doesn't really care about winning because they went with Wildturtle, but they can probably still do really well without me, just because the core of the team is really strong. Y'know, top-side is really good, and I think Biofrost is a good rookie. But yeah, I actually really enjoy streaming a lot more than I would, just like the life that I have is really nice. So I'll comeback if they need me, but I hope that I can be successful doing my own thing and they can be successful without me. I don't want to, like, wish them to do badly so that I can come back. So, I'm pretty happy with my stuff right now and just hoping TSM can do well. I think they can.

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