LPL Roundup: One of those "close" 3-0s

by Kelsey Moser Apr 18 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of LPL / LPL Screengrab

Sometimes 3-0s feel closer than 3-2s. In certain ways, this had the appearance of being one of those cases, especially early on. Invictus Gaming's dragon control put pressure onto Edward Gaming, but they seemed to know what they were doing. They had their composition in mind, prioritized turrets, and prevented iG from getting the crucial Dragon 5.

That was the first game. It was clear that about halfway through Game 2, Invictus lost interest. Let's hope that doesn't happen again.

Welcome back, Master3

The Master3 vs Energy Pacemaker 3-0 was nothing to write home about. Smlz severely outclassed ZangAo, Dade came through despite some stumbles (his Leblanc has been more enjoyable watch than his Zed for most of the season), and Energy Pacemaker played like Energy Pacemaker.

That is, Energy Pacemaker threw disastrously after acquiring a strong early game lead. In the post-game interview, AmazingJ reflected that it made him want to cry. That's been the story of EP all split. They had an above average early game, but their ability to close was unrivaled in its awfulness.

Either way, Master3 returns to LPL in 2015 Summer. Expect roster changes.

The siege

My favorite game of the Edward Gaming vs Invictus Gaming series was Game 1. Invictus Gaming had near complete control of the dragon pit outside a snipe by Deft to grab EDG their only dragon of the series. IG's composition had much better dragon fighting, and EDG's, despite a Nunu jungle, would fare better to shred through turrets.

IG made a choice to sacrifice a Baron for a fourth dragon to get closer to the five dragon buff. This went terribly awry when EDG conducted one of the best Baron sieges I've seen all split, taking three turrets and an inhibitor with ceaseless pressure and splitting iG's focus.

The game ended with an xPony from Koro1, giving us a very different low kill flavor of Edward Gaming.

The slow game is here to stay

Spectators posited that U slowed down the pace of Edward Gaming's play. All three games featured slower early games in this series. KaKAO got control of the jungle and conducted dives. EDG failed to have an impact until 10  minutes in.

Clearlove still had strong pressure and counter-ganking on Rek'Sai after ten minutes, but Meiko's mid camping was less effective, and EDG conducted fewer "Chinese mafia" style roams. EDG looked a bit sloppier. Maybe their ability to practice the new patch has been compromised by swapping mid laners and pawN's health problems.

Either way, EDG isn't as crisp as they were prior to Patch 5.6. This is something either the winner of the LGD vs Snake set or a strong Korean team at the Mid Season Invitational is sure to take advantage of.

Invictus slowly gave up

After their game plan failed in Game 1, Invictus Gaming put in more attempts to succeed in the early game Game 2. A nice four man dive got them early kills and a lane swap advantage that transitioned into a free dragon. Then Edward Gaming reversed the swap, Clearlove got a quick succession of ganks, and Invictus slowly gave up the ghost.

That 26 minute surrender really closed the deal. Game 3 featured lazy play on both sides, and overall was just a depressing end to a series that started out so promising.

Kelsey Moser is a staff writer for the Score eSports. You can follow her on Twitter.