M19 manager on the team's bootcamp and their goals for 2017

by theScore Staff Jan 19 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

M19 manager and assistant coach Konstantin "Ansva" Chanchikov talked about the team's recent bootcamp and what their plans are for 2017 in a video released by the team on Thursday.

"Recently we've got to bootcamp which is located in this manor house," Ansva said. "Condistions are fantastic, we didn't have such things in the past, we have multiple stages to work with, a lot of free space, everyone has place for himself. We have empty rooms, a home theater, multiple living rooms, everyone has his own bathroom, his own bedroom with the wardrobe, so it's really convenient."

M19, which acquired the roster and LoL Continental League spot of Albus NoX Luna earlier this month, is widely known for being the most successful CIS and Wildcard team in League history, placing 5th-8th at the 2016 World Championship. For Ansva, the trip to Worlds did not meet his expectations.

"Not so long ago we were in North America at the World Championship and to say the least, my expectations didn't really come close to reality," Ansva said. "To see how the foreign teams function, how Koreans treat the game, their discipline, I didn't really see that. Maybe there were a lot of mistakes made by coaching staffs, which helped us a lot to achieve that kind of success."

Though the reality was different from what he imagined, Ansva is determined to help lead M19 back to Worlds, though he acknowledged the amount of work that would be needed before that could happen.

"Coming into the new year, we want to at least repeat our success at the World Championship, even if we have a lot of stages before Worlds like spring and summer LCL splits, IWCI if they keep the same format, IWCQ," Ansva said. "We've yet to go to MSI, Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice, so we want to win more titles and to repeat our success at Worlds or even improve the result."

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