H2k-Gaming defeat SK Gaming 3-2; lock up third place in EU LCS Spring Split

by Jacob Juillet Apr 18 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

H2k-Gaming secured a third place finish in the European LCS with a 3-2 victory over SK Gaming. SK had a 2-0 series lead, but could not close out the series as H2k flipped the momentum completely.

Game 1

SK opened up Game 1 by taking the first dragon, but H2k forced down the top lane tower in return. All the while, Ryu was under heavy gank pressure from SK early. 

H2k's bottom tower was the next to go down, as SK equalized the gold differential. The second dragon would go to SK, as H2k were not in a position to contest. First Blood was claimed a few moments later in a one-for-one trade that followed with SK taking down H2k's Tier 1 mid tower.

SK got the better end of the trades, and forced H2k back to base while they claimed two more towers.

The next dragon would bring the next engagement, this time it was no contest. H2k managed to get the dragon, but SK promptly aced them, putting themselves ahead by eight thousand gold.

Fox's triple kill put him way ahead of anyone else in the game and he simply became an unstoppable force for SK. In the next team fight at H2k's bottom Tier 3 tower he got another triple kill and secured both the tower and the inhibitor.

H2k would fight their final battle as SK dove into their blue side jungle and simply ripped them apart. SK marched to H2k's Nexus and took Game 1.

Game 2

First Blood went to SK's Svenskeran, but H2k kept up the pressure by grabbing the first dragon of the game. Both teams were able to take a tower, but H2k managed to kill Fox and take the Tier 1 mid tower to get a small lead going into the mid game. SK equalized the dragon stacks shortly after by getting their first. 

H2k took the first team fight, but immediately gave up their advantage by attempting an early baron and feeding SK many kills in the process.

H2k gave SK the next dragon for free, instead opting to contest the next Baron, but they did no better there as they were aced. SK were able to take their second Baron easily and took away a lot of the map away from H2k.

SK made a fatal error in their attempted siege. They stayed too long, after taking down H2k's Tier 2 top tower they were engaged upon and got themselves aced.

SK still had the advantage, but H2k were well within reach of pulling the game back. loulex and KaSing were picked off in quick succession, allowing SK to easily secure their third Baron of the game.  

This time it was too much for H2k. They lost the final team fight and SK once again marched onto H2k`s Nexus, ending the game.

Game 3

SK took the first dragon just before six minutes, but H2k took First Blood a few minutes later when loulex killed FORG1VEN in a gank on the bot lane. 

H2k tied up the dragon stacks and climbed two kills ahead, killing Svenskeren while he contested the dragon. Another kill went the way of H2k when they once again found Svenskeren where he shouldn't be. Despite having a 3-0 kill lead H2k were still trailing in gold due to the pair of Tier 1 towers SK had taken.

A couple tower kills later and H2k found themselves on top. The first team fight of the game broke out and H2k came out on just barely on top, despite leading seven kills to two. SK were still within a thousand gold and were not pulling any punches.

The kills started to build up, H2k started to pick off one or two SK players at a time. Ryu had found his way to 5/0/4 and was easily getting in, killing someone and getting out unscathed. 

The first Baron went to H2k and they pushed hard on SK's Tier 3 mid tower, but ultimately they could not break through.

It only took a few more minutes for H2k to fight their way through. They took the final team fight, after they had secured a significant lead, and won it convincingly. H2k took down SK's Nexus, putting them back into the series trailing 2-1.

Game 4

SK came out swinging, looking to bounce back from the Game 3 loss and close out the series. They opened up Game 4 with a pair of kills and the first dragon. Within the next ten minutes Svenskeren went wild. He got his team one kill and then another and then another. By the thirteenth minute his Lee Sin was 2/0/2, helping in four of SK's five kills. nRated's Janna had him one better, getting assists in all five of SK's kills.

This was a nightmarish early game for H2k, one game away from losing the series and having to try and pull the game back from five kills to none. They were able to get their first kill of the game, but they needed to trade one kill for it. They still weren't able to contest SK for the second dragon, allowing them to go up two stacks to zero. 

An over extension by Svenskeren gave H2k an opening, they picked off FORG1VEN and Fox shortly after. The successful trade gave them some hope, despite still being behind the game had started to flip. It was evident SK had lost control of the game, H2k decimated them in the first real team fight of the game. The win also allowed H2k to grab the first Baron of the game uncontested.

They started pushing down tower after tower, when SK was finally in position to defend H2k broke them down one more time. H2k had gone up fifteen kills to nine after being down five to zero at the start of the game. 

In a last ditch effort SK quickly killed Baron before H2k could stop them, but it was to no avail as they were aced before they could even leave the pit. H2k immediately ended the game. They had brought the series into the final game after being down 2-0.

Game 5

Ryu claimed First Blood in the final game, killing Svenskeren who was caught too deep in H2k's jungle. H2k didn't stop there. A few minutes later they managed to kill both FORG1VEN and nRated to go up three kills to none. When you add on the single tower kill H2k had gone up thee thousand gold only eleven minutes in. 

SK were getting completely outplayed, H2k killed many towers, winning fights at each one. Nothing was going SK's way and they looked as if they were in complete disarray. Anytime SK looked like they would get a kill kaSing's Janna saved them and then the fight would quickly flip H2k's way as soon as they got in position.

H2k quickly ran even further ahead in the late mid game. They went up 18-7 and seven towers to one after taking a few team fights. There was almost no conceivable way for SK to come back into the game as H2k never let up.

Anytime SK went out of their base H2k found them and killed them. Their map control was too much for SK, H2k picked off a few players and pushed to end the game. H2k managed to swing the entire series back from being down 2-0 and at the end of the final game SK was in pieces.

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