Fnatic defeat Unicorns of Love 3-2; win EU LCS Spring Grand Finals

by Jacob Juillet Apr 19 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Fnatic defeat the Unicorns of Love to win the European LCS Spring Split Grand Finals.

The series was filled with hyper-charged aggression, but Fnatic proved better. In each game they would force UoL to take fights in poor positions and closed out games safely with controlled pushes. The Unicorns were close the entire series and had their fair share of dominating performances, but in the end they couldn't come up with the edge they needed to top Fnatic.

Game 1

Just three minutes into the game Fnatic broke out their hyper aggressive style, diving the bottom tower to get First Blood on Vizicsacsi’s Maokai.

The Unicorns weren’t backing down, though, as they four-man dove the bottom lane twice, with Vardags killing Huni on both attempt. The Unicorns’ aggression overshadowed the fact that Fnatic had taken down three of UoL’s towers after only seven minutes.

The aggression continued in an extended team fight in the bottom lane, but both teams could only come out with a single kill each.

The third dragon would prove to be the breaking point. A blood bath broke out outside of the pit, Fnatic came out ahead trading SteelBack for three of the Unicorns.

The dragon was left alive, so the dance outside the pit began again and this time the Unicorns held their ground and got their third stack. Fnatic instead headed towards the Baron pit. The Unicorns were not fooled, Kikis waited until the Baron was low and stunned Fnatic, charged into the pit and stole the Baron.

Fnatic’s early lead had evaporated, UoL’s aggression had them scrambling. The Unicorns only focus was ending the game. They overwhelmed Fnatic in their own base, taking Game 1 with non-stop aggression.

Game 2

There were a handful of close calls and good roams early on in Game 2, but none of them were able to draw First Blood. PowerOfEvil was the first player to break that trend — he was ganked under his own tower by Fnatic and could do nothing to keep himself alive.

Shortly after First Blood, Fnatic scored another pair of kills when they found Kikis in their jungle and killed Vardags in the bottom lane. With two Unicorns down, Fnatic easily took the first dragon of the game and took complete control of the game after they found their fourth kill. However,  an overextension by Reignover did manage to put the Unicorns on the board with their first kill of the game.

Fnatic were not shaken by the one death, however, as they forced the issue when UoL stayed too long in the bottom lane.

Only minutes later another fight broke out, this time Reignover got his revenge by getting a quadrakill to put Fnatic up ten thousand gold.

After 20 minutes of madness the game slowed down, but that pace only lasted for a few minutes as Fnatic forced and won another fight after threatening to take an early Baron.

Neither team took down Baron, so they each reset and headed back to the pit for Round 2. 

Despite being down more than 10K gold, UoL was able to hold Fnatic from taking their base, but they needed to repeat the feat many times to get back into the game. After being denied Fnatic slowed their approach, waiting for their fifth dragon to spawn. UoL made a mistake by getting caught in their own jungle while trying to set up to contest the dragon. With the Unicorns down Fnatic claimed their fifth dragon and took the Baron, allowing them to end the game without much resistance.

Game 3

Fnatic got First Blood after diving Vizicsacsi in the top lane. A few moments later saw another fight break out in the top lane, this time Kikis was there to help, but he could not change the result. Both Kikis and Vizicsacsi died to Huni and Reignover’s dive, which put Fnatic up 3-0 just five minutes in. Three minutes later and Vizicsacsi died again, Huni alone was enough to finish him off this time.

The fifth kill for Fnatic was not far away, Reignover went bottom and killed Vizicsacsi for the fourth time, after he had lane swapped to get away from Huni.

It took three of the Unicorns to take on Huni, but they were enough to stop the Hecarim before he went out of control. They followed up the kill with another on Reignover, who was caught too deep.

Even though the Unicorns were behind they were starting to fight back, securing a few tower kills and taking good trades to keep themselves in the game.

The first true team fight would prove that the Unicorns efforts were enough. Fnatic’s bad targeting allowed UoL to clean them up.

The win didn’t last long, Fnatic found a couple of the Unicorns in their jungle and killed them. They went to Baron, forcing the remaining Unicorns to contest, allowing Fnatic to take three more lives.

Fnatic were still going ahead, but the Unicorns were not quitting. The next Baron attempt would be the breaking point, Fnatic found a pair of brave Unicorns and cleaned them up while also killing the first Baron of the game.

Even though UoL were over 10k gold behind they kept their foot on the gas and prodded for any break they could get. Fnatic were too smart to give them a chance, with their massive lead they played safe and waited for UoL to overstep.

After pushing down one lane at a time Fnatic finally felt comfortable pushing into UoL’s base. After leading heavily the entire game, Fnatic easily took down the Unicorns in the final fight and ended the game to go up 2-1.

Game 4

The slowest opening of the series to this point saw hardly any aggression at all. UoL had gained a one thousand gold lead in lane and were able to secure the first dragon at the nine minute mark. 

Reignover found PowerOfEvil out of place and Febiven’s Kassadin was enough to clean him up to give Fnatic First Blood. However, UoL collapsed on the mid lane and were fast enough to get a revenge kill on Febiven.

A push by UoL mid sparked a team fight that looked good for Fnatic until they got caught in Sejuani and Orianna’s ultimates.

UoL transitioned into pushing down one tower at a time, and Fnatic’s attempt to defend was completely countered again.

Another fight at the mid lane Tier 2 tower went to UoL, who were now leading by 10k  gold. Fnatic could not stop the Unicorns. UoL could push any lane they wanted to and had the lead they needed to pick any fight they wanted to. By the 25 minute mark, all of Fnatic’s outer towers were down and all of their inhibitors were at threat of going down at any moment.

One last push from UoL finished off all of Fnatic, all of the inhibitors and finally the Nexus. With the Unicorns one sided stomp they took the series to a final game.

Game 5

UoL lane swapped SteelBack and YellOwStaR to the top lane and claimed First Blood on Huni to open the final game of the series. With Huni’s flash down Kikis went top and easily killed him again with help from Vizicsacsi.

Reignover charged into UoL’s jungle with Huni and they blew up Kikis to take the gold lead for Fnatic.

When the first team fight finally broke out, both teams were extremely low and Fnatic barely managed to come out on top.

The Unicorns set up for the third dragon spawn, but Fnatic contested and took the fight in a landslide.

Both teams were close for much of the early game, but with the win and the four tower kills, Fnatic had taken a massive 9k gold lead just before the 30 minute mark. Fnatic took control of the map and were able to take the first Baron of the game uncontested. Not even a perfect wombo combo could win UoL a fight.

UoL were able to stall Fnatic in their first push, but the next Baron was just around the corner. With Fnatic threatening to take their second Baron, the final team fight broke out. UoL’s fairytale season was not to be, Fnatic crushed them to take the win.