The top 5 plays from EU LCS Grand Finals

by Dennis Gonzales Apr 20 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

The Grand Finals series between the Unicorns of Love and Fnatic was a back and forth brawl that played out to a full five game set.  Here's the top five plays of the EU LCS Spring Split Finals.

For the NA highlights, check them out here.

#5. - Don't give Hecarim to Huni - Game 3

Early in the play, Vizicsacsi tried to soften Huni for a gank, but ended up losing way more life. Kikis wrapped around to stun, but got caught and was forced to Flash to avoid the follow up stun.

The two Unicorns of Love thought they were safe hugging their tower, but Huni hit level six and they were grouped up for a perfect ultimate. Reignover jumped in first to tank the tower and Huni cleaned up for an easy double.

#4. - Reignover's Quadra-Ace - Game 2

At this point of Game 2, Fnatic were far ahead. Both teams postured around the dragon pit but Hylissang from UoL made the first move. The initiation was meant to split the fight, but Hylissang melted to the followup from Huni and Reignover. Fnatic focused down Vizicsacsi and Kikis, while Reignover cleaned up PowerOfEvil and Vardags, scoring an Ace and a Quadrakill.

#3. Unicorns of Love's counter-counter-initiation - Game 4

Unicorns of Love pushed down the tier two tower and transitioned further to the Inhibitor tower. Huni TP'd behind UoL's line and forced them to retreat. Febiven led the chase and was focused down, but Fnatic still committed. Vizicsacsi had a sliver of health when UoL turned around and chain CC'd Reignover and Huni and they took the rest of the fight easily.

#2. The gambit Death Sentence - Game 3

Fnatic were on the retreat after taking the tier two tower in the top lane when Hylissang Flashed and caught YellOStaR with a Death Sentence. This left Fnatic with two choices, leave him to die or commit to a fight; they chose the latter.

Steeelback got a double kill, but the overall fight was fully in the Unicorn's favor. Kikis' Udyr deserves special mention during the fight; he initiated with only a third of his health, was at a sliver for half of the fight and didn't die, even after reinitiating on Reignover.

#1. The Body Slam Baron Steal - Game 1

Kikis made a huge play on Gragas in Game 1, Body Slamming over the wall and Smiting Baron at 572 HP. The steal allowed Unicorns of Love to take down two Fnatic members from the ensuing fight and eventually the mid and bottom lane inhibitors.

Fnatic were locked in their base after the early push, and UoL took the first game of the series, all on the back of the Baron steal.

Dennis Gonzales is a Toronto eSports writer who enjoys whiskey, Dungeon & Dragons and first-picking Timbersaw. You can follow him on Twitter.