The top 5 plays from NA LCS Grand Finals

by Dennis Gonzales Apr 20 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

While the Grand Finals series between Team SoloMid and Cloud9 was not as close as their European counterparts, only going to four games, it arguably had the bigger plays. Here's the top five plays of the NA LCS Spring Split Finals.

For the EU highlights, check them out here.

#5. The Sion ultimate chase - Game 2

After trading Dragon for a tower in the mid lane, Balls from Cloud9 initiated, but the rest of the team didn't commit to the fight and Team SoloMid killed him for free. Cloud9 were on the retreat, leaving the loss as a bad trade, but Dyrus popped his ultimate on Sion and charged down LemonNation and made a bad trade even worse for Cloud9.

#4. Return of QuadraTurtle - Game 4

This was less of a big play and more of just a fantastic way to cap off a dominant series. WildTurtle's Kalista wasn't locked down the entire fight and wreaked havoc from the back lines.

#3. The TSM counter-gank - Game 3

This play was a first blood attempt by Cloud9. Meteos Body Slammed and Flashed Bjergsen, followed by a perfect Explosive Cask knocking him away from his tower. Bjergsen swapped Meteos with no hesitation and immediately Flashed away. The play allowed him to live and the rotation from TSM turned the fight around and gave them first blood.

#2. Lustboy's three-man bubble save - Game 1

In the early phase of Game 1, Cloud9 committed four members to gank Dyrus on the bottom lane. But thanks to an amazing Flash and three-man Aqua Prison from Lustboy, Dyrus escaped with only a sliver of health.

#1. The Meteos Glacial Prison - Game 1

Even though they placed in second, Cloud9 definitely took first place for the biggest play in the North American Spring Split 2015 Grand Finals.

Cloud9 were camping Baron's pit and zoning TSM whenever they approached. This happened several times until Meteos, on Sejuani, saw an opening. The second he broke past the brush he popped Arctic Assault to close the distance, then immediately Flashed and used his ultimate point-blank.

Without Flash, TSM might have had a chance to Flash away from the ultimate's projectile, but the decision landed Meteos a completely unprecedented five-man Glacial Prison.

Dennis Gonzales is a Toronto eSports writer who enjoys whiskey, Dungeon & Dragons and first-picking Timbersaw. You can follow him on Twitter.