theScore eSports' 2015 NA Spring Split Awards

by theScore eSports Staff Apr 21 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

With the 2015 NA Spring Split officially in the books, theScore eSports staff hand out their end of season awards.  


Tyler "Fionn" ErzbergerBjergsen, Team SoloMid

As the best player on the best team in North America, this is a no-brainer. TSM have great parts surrounding their mid-laner, but they aren't NA LCS champions without Bjergsen running the show as their ace.

Kelsey Moser - Lustboy, Team SoloMid 

Most will look to Bjegsen's unstoppable performances and say he is TSM's guiding light, but Lustboy has made them the dominating team we've come to know. Last year, the race against Cloud9 was close, but the late acquisition of Lustboy gave them the edge. As the team has had more time to adjust, TSM has become more dominant. Lustboy's presence is felt throughout the map when he roams, and he carries TSM's bottom lane against stronger AD carry forces. Simply put, Lustboy is the best player in North America.

Nilu Kulasingham Bjergsen, Team SoloMid

Only Lustboy could realistically be the other contender for this award, but Bjergsen has proven time and time again that he's the best mid-laner in NA and has carried TSM to consecutive finals wins.

Matt Demers Lustboy, Team SoloMid 

Lustboy is everything you want in a support; consistent, good positioning and experience in his role. He was easily the biggest factor in TSM’s successful split because even if Bjergsen would have a bad game, Lustboy usually didn’t.

Most Improved Player

Fionn -  Rush, Team Impulse

Rush started the season looking like a lost solo queue player, making stupid plays and dying needlessly. Throughout the season, Team Impulse's rookie shot-caller matured into one of NA's top junglers, albeit still holding onto the aggressive plays that got him scouted in the first place.

Moser Fenix, Team Liquid

Fenix was never anything special — he was a solid player to hold the mid-lane down. Throughout the split, he acquired more champions he could play until he had a solid few he could use to help carry the team. Fenix still isn't a star. He isn't going to be the main force that leads Team Liquid to victory, but he's grown a great deal. If he can keep improving, he may become a force of great power in the LCS.

Kulasingham  -  Rush, Team Impulse

This is an easy award to hand out, as Rush is definitely the most improved player this split. He was initially overaggressive but has rectified that and now is one of the best junglers in NA.

Demers - Piglet, Team Liquid

Liquid broke the fourth-place curse, but Piglet also broke out of what was a scary start to the season. After middling performances while being shuffled around with Keith, Piglet found some consistency later on that would minimize deaths while still offering utility if he wasn't the hard carry in Liquid’s victories.

Rookie of the Year

Fionn Santorin, Team SoloMid

The shield to Bjergsen's sword, Santorin grew as a player each week he played. He is still more of a defensive right-hand for Bjergsen, but he's shown his adept ability at using carry champions if needed for TSM.

Moser -  Rush, Team Impulse

Despite Team Impulse's fourth place finish, no other player managed to do more for his team in his first competitive split than Rush. Fresh from Korean solo queue, Rush put TiP on his back and brought them into contention as a top team in North America. The meta may have hit him hard, but I have no doubt he'll adapt in time for the summer split. 

Kulasingham Santorin, Team SoloMid

This is based on both the split and playoffs. If it was only the split I'd give it to Rush, but Santorin proved that he deserved it more based on his play during his match vs Team Impulse.

Demers Santorin, Team SoloMid

Santorin’s rookie season couldn’t have gone much better for him; he found a team he meshed well with, had a mid-lane to feed and a meta that gave him the tools to succeed. It will be interesting to see if/when he hits his skill ceiling soon.

Comeback Player of the Year

Fionn - WildTurtle, Team SoloMid

Too aggressive at times last season, Turtle fixed some of the nagging issues that kept TSM from being far and away the best team in NA LCS. With his improvements and dying less, TSM and Turtle were able to one up their performance last year and go through the entire season as NA's top team.

Moser Saintvicious, Gravity Gaming

Saintvicious was down and out. He was a running joke. You can still go to multiple websites and find the last time he missed smite. The lowest point definitely came when he decided that support was simple, and he could play the role easily. This year, he and Gravity, a team full of players benched by Team Liquid, managed to make the Playoffs. They didn't advance against Impulse, but they took them to four games. Saintvicious' leadership was at the center of that. He may not be the mechanical jungle carry we remember, but he proved he still has a lot to give the competitive scene as a captain.

Kulasingham - Apollo, Team Impulse

This is a farily easy award for me to handout. Prior to this split Apollo (formerly Wizfujin) was considered one of the weakest AD Carries to ever play in the LCS, but this split he has been a pretty decent AD carry.

Demers Apollo, Team Impulse

Going from a sixth-place Coast in the 2014 Spring Season to a late-season threat in TiP is impressive. As someone who didn't give him a lot of credit when he was acquired, I'm happy to see another competent ADC in the region.

Coach of the Year

Fionn Locodoco, Team SoloMid 

In a field where younger coaches can be eaten alive, Locodoco's professional experience and bilingual expertise has let him become the top coach in all of NA. Two seasons in, he now has two NA LCS championships and has helped his support and Korean import Lustboy become one of the best players at his position.

Moser Locodoco, Team SoloMid 

Team SoloMid wins because they have an established team system. Dyrus may get sidelined all the time, but they do so in a way that works. Their preparation is perhaps their greatest strength this split when its dinged them in the past. Team SoloMid's coaching staff knows what they're doing, and Locodoco is the figurehead

Kulasingham Locodoco, Team SoloMid 

Two-for-two in finals victories for TSM since his coaching started. That's one impressive resume.

Demers -  Locodoco, Team SoloMid 

It’s kind of difficult to judge coaching because we hear so little of it publicly; however, it’s hard not to go with the winners. Locodoco brings a good combination of professional experience and respectability to the role. He has ties with the team’s owner — ensuring confidence and room to work — and he brings results.

Playmaker of the Year

Fionn Rush, Team Impulse

When there was a play and/or fight to be made, Rush was there. Hell, even when there wasn't a fight to be had or a play to be made, Rush was still making them.

Moser Aphromoo, Counter Logic Gaming

CLG didn't advance past the quarterfinals, but there's no other team that made it as far as they did with a single playmaker —  and a playmaker who hardly does any damage. When people discussed CLG this year, Aphromoo was the name that always came up. He might not be the best support in LCS, and CLG may have crashed, but Aphromoo is certainly the biggest playmaker in the LCS. His sheer force of will carried a team that couldn't team fight into a third place finish for the regular season. That cannot be ignored.

Kulasingham - Rush, Team Impulse

Rush is the definition of a playmaker. His tendency to the overaggressive and make is plays is what often wins and loses team Impulse games. Rush's initiations may at times be completely wrong, but its hard to deny that he has been a playmaker throughout the year.

Demers Lustboy, Team SoloMid 

Lustboy's has a deep support champion pool and isn't afraid of making plays with any of them. The late-season addition of Kennen supplemented his Thresh, Annie and Janna. He led the league in regular season assists with 204, which is 20 higher than the next highest player.

All-Star Teams

Team Fionn 

Top: Impact, Team Impulse 

The ultimate team player. A jack of all trades, Impact is a player that can make the people next to him better.

Jungle: Meteos, Cloud9 

No matter the problems with C9 this season, Meteos is still the highest class of jungler in North America. Whatever changes C9 make or don't make this off-season, Meteos will keep them as one of the top teams in the LCS.

Mid: Bjergsen, Team SoloMid 

Unquestionably the best player in the NA LCS.

AD Carry: Sneaky, Cloud9 

Some AD Carries might have more kills or flashier plays, but Sneaky is consistently the best player at his position in the NA LCS.

Support: Lustboy, Team SoloMid 

Two seasons and now two titles, Lustboy's addition to the TSM roster was the needed boost to put them over the top against C9. 

Team Moser

Top: Impact, Team Impulse 

His name says it all. Team Impulse went the distance with Impact to benefit from Rush's playmaking. Impact was the perfect candidate for smite top if he could have gotten it off the ground. In the end, lane-swapping did TiP in because they needed an avenue for their top-laner to succeed. Impact got punished, and TiP went down.

Jungle: Meteos, Cloud9 

Meteos has proven himself the most meta-resistent player in the North American jungle. He's the only name that comes up over and over. He's been able to adapt well while his team flags. There are new junglers this split to contest his reign, but he's proven himself resilient. Meteos is yet to be completely outdone, even as Cloud9 lost the finals.

Mid: Bjergsen, Team SoloMid

This goes without saying. Team SoloMid focuses all their resources on Bjergsen, and he succeeds time and again. The mid-lane talent pool isn't as steep as in Europe, so this answer is clear. Bjergsen reigns supreme.

AD Carry: Sneaky, Cloud9

We've mentioned Meteos, but his major ally on his team was Sneaky. Sneaky isn't a player to whom carrying comes naturally, but while Balls and Hai have been having a rough season, Sneaky has picked up the slack. He makes Draven work. He finds ways to test his limits. He isn't a mechanical wonder like most top tier ADCs, but he knows his capabilities, and that's all Cloud9 needed to make the finals.

Support: Lustboy, Team SoloMid

The best player in the North American LCS is usually the best in his role. Lustboy is not an exception, as he not only performs the functions of a top tier support but influences the outcome of the game to a high degree. Someone please give this man a medal.

Team Kulasingham

Top: Impact, Team Impulse 

Impact has generally been the best performing toplaner this split, hence my pick.

Jungle: Meteos, Cloud9 

Although Rush and Santorin have been very impressive, I can't use Santorin due to Bjergsen and Lustboy and Rush needs to control himself a bit.

Mid: Bjergsen, Team SoloMid

Does this really need an explanation? 

AD Carry: Sneaky, Cloud9

Sneaky has been the most consistent performing member of Cloud9 for this split and deserves this. 

Support: Lustboy, Team SoloMid

Lustboy has been the best performing support for awhile and although the choice is close between Lustboy and Xpecial, I think Lustboy takes the win.

Team Demers

Top: Quas, Team Liquid

Quas was consistently great in his role this season. While I wouldn't say the rest of Liquid is particularly weak, I’d like to see how he’s able to supplement a best-in-role squad.

Jungle: Santorin, Team SoloMid

Junglers need to get stuff done, and especially if we hypothetically had Quas in the top lane, we’d need them to tank as well. Santorin works well with the rest of the team and can fill roles as needed.

Mid: Bjergsen, Team SoloMid

Riot’s Spring Split MVP is one of the powerhouses in the region, and it shows. Consistently deadly, he excels both with and without help from the jungle; it only sweetens things when he gets rolling early.

AD Carry: Sneaky, Cloud9

For the sake of variety, I’d like to see Sneaky over WildTurtle because his best performances seem to come when the rest of the team isn't flailing around him. This (hypothetical) roster would hopefully take some pressure off of him.

Support: Lustboy, Team SoloMid

As my pick for MVP I don’t think there’s any other support that could provide the consistency and playmaking ability that Lustboy could for an All-Star team.