Kikis on UOL's Loss: 'Second place is Amazing. We Couldn't Even be Mad'

by Keith Capstick Apr 21 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of EU LCS / LCS Screengrab

After a loss at the hands of Fnatic in the finals of the European LCS Spring Split, the Unicorns of Love's (UOL) jungler, Mateusz "Kikis" Szkudlarek says that the team's goal was to finish in the Top 5, and that they didn't come in to the LCS with high expectations. 

According to his Tuesday afternoon Reddit AMA, which was predominantly made up of questions about his off-meta jungle picks, Kikis said, "even after beating TSM ... we knew we [were] coming straight from the challenger and we knew it won't be easy. We had to work hard to be where we are right now and I'm grateful we managed to have such success in our rookie split."

Kikis also addressed many of the questions regarding his and UOL's unique pick style. 

"I'm not here in LCS just to troll and have fun with weird picks. This is my passion, dream and work and I will try to make the most out of it," said Kikis. 

The jungler pointed to this style as his way of getting an edge on the competition, and that he tries to bring this style to his team as much as possible. 

"Getting opponent[s] off guard is a great thing and mind game for pick and ban strategy, so there's always an advantage in that area," said Kikis. 

Kikis even got specific about his choices and explained to his fans that he favors Udyr when facing other "tanks" picked by opposing Junglers, and described Twisted Fate as a "high risk high reward" pick. 

The European star wasn't all business though, we learned that his favorite thing to do is eat, he hates washing dishes he likes to pick Charmander to start his Pokemon adventures, even though he's not an avid player. 

He also explained his fixation with wearing a scarf while he plays. 

"It's cold for me on stage mang, and it's also comfortable wearing a scarf," said Kikis. 

Oh, and his favorite Disney Princess is Ariel. 

 Keith Capstick is a Toronto journalist with an affinity for eSports, baseball and casting the Magic card Siege Rhino. You can follow him on Twitter for endless live-tweets of university parties.