Dardoch on TL: 'I think Doublelift and Adrian will probably do well in LCS given that there’s only a few very good bottom lanes currently in NA LCS'

by Josh Bury Mar 9 2017
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Immortals have posted mixed results in the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split, but their 5-7 record still puts them in sixth place and in line for a coveted playoff spot if they can hold that position.

With that said, Week 6 saw the team lose sets to Team EnVyUs and Team Liquid and their remaining schedule is the hardest of any sub-.500 team. Couple that with the fact that Team Liquid's newly-revamped Liquid roster is looking at making a surprise playoff run of their own and there's no doubt that Immortals have a tough few weeks ahead of them.

Ahead of Week 7, Immortals jungler Joshua "Dardoch" Hartnett weighed in on what the team can be doing better, what he expects from the new-look Team Liquid, and whether he believes relegation is a possibility for the team.

We’ve seen your old team go through some hard times and now some major roster changes. Watching Liquid to this point, did you have any flashbacks to your time with that organization? Are there any major lessons you’ve carried with you to Immortals?

I often find myself thinking about times on TL and the good memories I had with my old teammates. I learned a lot from my experience on TL and it’s helped me a lot on Immortals so far.

How do you think this new version of Liquid (with Doublelift and Adrian) will perform?

I think Doublelift and Adrian will probably do well in LCS given that there’s only a few very good bottom lanes currently in NA LCS.

Week 6 was only the second time this season that Immortals lost both of their sets. Where is the most immediate area that you think the team needs to improve?

At the moment we’re just struggling to convert our scrim performances to stage, but if we manage to do that I think we can get to playoffs.

You’ve said in past interviews that you felt this roster was Top 4. Do you still feel that way?

I think we have the potential to be Top 4, but blatantly at the moment we’re not even close to Top 4 in terms of what we show on stage.

What’s been the best part of this split for you so far?

I don’t have any specific good memories this split, it’s been pretty bad for me so far.

Immortals have arguably the toughest remaining schedule of the bottom five teams in the standings right now. How is the team’s morale, and what are you doing to stay positive? Are you worried about relegation?

The team morale is always pretty okay. No one thinks we’re showing as much as we can on stage so we’re all hopeful still to fix the issues and move forward, and it’s possible that we lose a lot and drop into relegations but I really doubt we’ll be relegated. I actually think we’ll make playoffs.

Your last three game wins have been on Elise. Where do you think this champion stacks up in terms of jungle picks right now?

I don’t really think Elise is very good but it’s just something that’s really fun to play and I think it works fine in competitive play so whenever the chance comes up for it normally I take it.

Would you cameo in Breaking Point 2 if given the chance?


This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Josh "Gauntlet" Bury is the news editor for theScore esports. You can find him on Twitter.