Trick on attending IEM Katowice: 'I think for EU teams [it] was worth it, but for other regions I think [it was] not worth'

by Josh Bury Mar 10 2017
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G2 Esports attended IEM Katowice as Europe's likely frontrunner, but ultimately fell short of a first-place finish. Their final day, marred by technical difficulties and accompanying delays, saw them fall 2-0 in the event's grand final to LMS team Flash Wolves.

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But back in the EU LCS, G2 have continued to exert their dominance, beating Vitality 2-0 in Week 6 to preserve their undefeated, 8-0 match score. Though they have some potentially challenging upcoming matches, including Splyce in Week 7 and Misfits in Week 8, G2 have already clinched their playoff spot regardless of result.

Before they take the stage to defend their record, G2's Kim "Trick" Gang-yun weighed in on their experience at IEM Katowice, his favorite jungler matchup in the EU LCS and why he's so comfortable playing against Rengar.

Overall, how was the team’s experience at IEM?

It was good for us because [it helped us to] improve a lot.

Several teams declined their invites to Katowice. Do you feel that the trip was worth it for your team? What sorts of lessons did you take away from the competition?

I think for EU teams [it] was worth it, but for other regions I think [it was] not worth. We learned jungle and support playstyles [as well as] pick and ban phase for IEM.

How much do you think the technical issues and fatigue affected the outcome against Flash Wolves?

I didn't have technical issues, but my teammates [did], lagging or disconnecting. Then [when] we played against Flash Wolves, everyone was tired.

What do you think about the strength of EU LCS teams as a whole? What is the practice environment like?

I think [that] creative picks are the strength of the EU LCS. Hmmm, I like [the] freedom [of the] practice environment.

Are you scrimming teams in the other group more as a result of this split’s format change?

A bit.

Who has been your player to match up against so far this split, and why?

Jankos, because when we played against H2K I got pressured by [him].

We’ve seen you play against Rengar very successfully (4-1 vs. him) in both the LCS and at IEM. What makes you so comfortable in playing against this champion?

Before Season 4 I played only Rengar, so I know how Rengar works, and it makes feel comfortable [playing against him.]

You’re facing two of your closest EU competitors in Splyce and Misfits in Week 7 and Week 8. Does your preparation for tougher matchups differ at all?

I think [that] Splyce are a good team, and Misfits are also good. [For] both weeks we will be ready [to play] against them.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Josh "Gauntlet" Bury is a news editor for theScore esports. You can find him on Twitter.