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Infographic: How teams that play in promotion matches fare the next season

by theScore Staff Apr 8 2017
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Love it or loathe it, the threat of relegation has been one of the defining aspects of the League of Legends Championship Series since 2014.

But do teams who manage to survive the promotion tournament actually turn their play around and thrive, or are they destined to return split after split?

Using data from LoL.esportswikis, theScore esports put together the following win rate data for post-promotion tournament splits in both NA and EU LCS.

While the average win rate for both promoted Challenger and returning NA LCS teams is 44 percent for the split after a promotion tournament, it's important to note Immortals' monstrous 94 percent win rate in the 2016 Spring Season is an exception to the norm. It's also worth noting that they replaced Team 8's entire roster after buying their NA LCS spot.

Counting only NA LCS teams that successfully defended their spot in promotion, the win rate was 47 percent.

Because of the EU LCS's experiment with the best-of-two format in the 2016 Summer Season, we changed our approach somewhat to only count game win percentage, as opposed to series. The results are similar to the NA LCS, with an aggregate win rate of exactly 50 percent.

Additionally, the win rate solely for EU LCS teams to make it out of the promotion tournament is 46 percent.

For both EU and NA, 14 LCS teams successfully defended their slots in promotion tournaments in each league.

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