UoL's Exileh and Vizicsacsi on where they rank EU as a region, their picks for MVP and playoffs

by Josh Bury Apr 15 2017
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Unicorns of Love are heading into the 2017 EU LCS Spring Playoffs as a second seed and are set to face off against Misfits in their semifinal match. But despite their strong group stage record, nothing seems certain as the playoff games so far have been nothing short of chaotic.

Ahead of their series, theScore esports spoke with top laner Kiss "Vizicsacsi" Tamas and mid laner Fabian "Exileh" Schubert about the playoffs so far, their shot at MSI and how Europe fares internationally.

The EU LCS playoffs have been chaotic to this point — we’ve seen a reverse sweep as well as a sweep by a team that wasn't expected to win. What have you taken from what you've watched so far?

Vizicsacsi: Yes, was quite surprising results. I expected the two other teams to go through but anything can happen in league. Both teams that won look very strong right now.

Exileh: Overall I'm really surprised by all the results so far in the EU LCS playoffs, especially how much Fnatic improved over the past few weeks.

How do you maintain a positive mindset and stay practiced with so much time between your playoff series and your last regular season match, which was played on April 1?

Vizicsacsi: We practice every day as a team and the rest of the time we go for solo queue. I think it's enough to stay in practice, but two weeks away from the stage is a long time. However, it makes us excited to play LCS games again.

Exileh: Time between the regular season and playoffs doesn't matter for me as a player since we keep on scrimming every day and scrims are basically as important as games on stage where we even have the luxury of preparing a draft so we get a comfortable matchup.

It feels like Samux stepped into his role on short notice without skipping a beat — what has it been like to play with him this season, and what has he brought to this roster?

Vizicsacsi: He is a quiet, hard working person, who fit into the team very fast. When we picked him up, it looked like he had a lot of talent and I think we are seeing him perform better and better as the LCS progresses.

Exileh: Veritas kinda left last second so we only had few days to get a new player before the roster lock, however I think that Samux is a great addition to the roster. Mechanically he's playing on a really high level which impressed me right from the start. Also he's working really hard which motivates me personally to work more myself.

What has been the most important thing you’ve learned over this regular season?

Vizicsacsi: That hard work always pays off.

Exileh: In-game wise, the most important thing that I learned this regular season is side wave management, Mid lane priority control in the mid game and trading in lane to a minor extend as well. But I grew a lot more as a person outside of the game especially in terms of mindset and doing everything that's necessary to become the person that I wanna be.

Outside of your own roster, who would be your overall MVP from EU this split?

Vizicsacsi: I think G2's Perkz is playing very good lately, remaining a strong force in the games even when he falls behind, so I would say it's him.

Exileh: Probably Perkz or Rekkles.

You could end up at MSI if you take playoffs. How do you think that experience might compare to what you experienced at IEM Katowice?

Vizicsacsi: I think MSI would be way more hype for us since it would include the absolute best from every region. It would be a pleasure to play against them and I hope our IEM experiences would help us along the way as well.

Exileh: The week before IEM we had our first loss vs. G2 and noticed that we still have a lot of flaws as a team which we need to cover. While focusing to cover those flaws we lost a lot more scrims than usual the week before IEM and even a week after. However we learned a lot and I think that right now we are a lot stronger team going into an international tournament than we were at IEM Katowice.

How would you rank Europe as a region against the rest of the world right now?

Vizicsacsi: Hard to tell, but around the middle of the rankings I would say. The Flash Wolves looked quite superior at IEM, and the Koreans are always No. 1. Don't know much about Europe compared to NA or China though, so it's a difficult question to answer for now. MSI will tell.

Exileh: Definitely over NA xD!

How badly will love hurt on when you face off against Misfits?

Vizicsacsi: Very badly :D

Exileh: 28 on a scale from 1-54.

This interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

Josh "Gauntlet" Bury is a news editor for theScore esports. You can find him on Twitter.