International Esports Tournament: April 27th-29th

by Kelsey Moser Apr 26 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of LPL / PLU

Despite the name, International Esports Tournament will only feature Chinese teams. IET is an annual esports tournament that became popular with WarCraft 3. The League of Legends event this year takes place from April 27th through April 29th.

Four teams were invited as a result of fan vote: OMG, Edward Gaming, LGD-Gaming, and Snake. Four other teams qualified through separate group brackets: Invictus Gaming, ShowTime, Team WE, and Team WE Future. As Edward Gaming qualified for the Mid Season Invitational last night, they are withdrawing to prepare. AD Gaming, Edward Gaming's sister team, will take their place.

The tournament is a single elimination best-of-three event from quarterfinals until finals. Last year, IET was Edward Gaming's breakout event, as they 2-0'd OMG in the finals, winning their first tournament and taking down OMG for the first time. This year, as iG and LGD are on opposite sides of the bracket, we may get a chance to see how they stack up or experience another upset.

Three quarterfinals will take place on April 27th, followed by the fourth quarterfinal and semifinals on the 28th, then finals on the 29th. The games will stream here, and VODs will be found on the IET website later. Expect frequent scheduling delays if you choose to watch the event live, as it wasn't uncommon to have to wait hours after the scheduled time for matches last year.

April 26th/27th

Time (EDT)  
10:30PM Invictus Gaming OMG
2:00AM WE Future Snake
5:30AM ShowTime AD Gaming

April 27th/28th

Time (EDT)  
10:30PM Team WE LGD-Gaming
2:00AM Semifinals 1 Team 1 Semifinals 1 Team 2
5:30AM Semifinals 2 Team 1 Semifinals 2 Team 2

April 28th/29th

Time (EDT)
10:00PM 3/4th Place Match Team 1 3/4 Place Match Team 2
5:00AM Finals Team 1 Finals Team 2