IET Roundup: Roster flexing

by Kelsey Moser Apr 27 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of IET / IET Screengrab

Transfer period has officially begun in Chinese League of Legends at the International Esports Tournament (IET), and that means roster testing, positional swaps seemingly for the hell of it, and third-party tournament games that play a bit more like solo queue.

Both OMG and Snake were testing the waters today with very different results. Even WE Future, with their customary top-lane swapping, saw some roster action.

The OMG side

OMG used substitute players from their LPL sister team, Oh My Dream (OMD). OMD advanced through their LSPL group with ease, outplaying their opponents, but fell quickly in the bracket stage of LSPL when they had to apply some semblance of strategy to win (sound familiar?). Support Amazing went in for Cloud, and jungler Review played for Loveling.

Neither Review nor Amazing played poorly. In fact, if OMG is seriously trying them out for the main team, Amazing looks like he'd be a solid snag in their sea of support dysfunction. 

Xiyang also played mid-lane for Cool. With the absence of their regular season primary carry, it was clear OMG was unlikely to win. Xiyang fell down 30 CS to Rookie at 10 minutes in Game 2.

At least Gogoing played much better against Zzitai, and Uzi and Amazing controlled lane against Kid and Kitties. The side lanes gave OMG early advantages both games, but iG's superior scaling and teamwork shoved them out later.


For those of you who don't know Martin, he's the AD carry of Snake's LSPL team, Snake Honor Esports (or SHE). Far from making it to the LPL Promotion, SHE placed in the bottom four of LSPL and got relegated from LSPL for the Summer split.

But at least Martin can play Jinx (obviously kRYST4L can't).

At first, that didn't seem like it would matter. The return of 957 after either riding the bench for Khan or playing support meant Hecarim devastation. Even with Flandre's triple kill, 957 was a menace. The Morgana top-lane lord of LSPL is back, and now he has a second champion.

Unfortunately, 957's glory ended there. Snake came together for swift closeouts in Games 2 and 3 with Martin pulling his weight and getting his revenge.

The ShowTime scuffle

Who are ShowTime? They beat out King 2-0 in the IET qualifier, and now they've defeated AD Gaming. Not bad for a team not even in LSPL.

The team is coached by ex-AHQ Promise and features a lineup of Lies, goeat, point, noobADC, and noobSUP. I'm personally a fan of the creative mind behind "goeat".

ADG once again showed they're a team with very little to aid them outside their carry top-laner. Ray got far ahead in Game 1, but Game 2 went easily to ShowTime, and the kill advantage in Game 3 went to rq. ShowTime came back, abusing ADG's sloppy fights, to secure a spot in semifinals.

As it stands, IET starts (supposedly) around 10:30 p.m. EDT tonight. The last quarterfinal between WE and LGD begins the coverage, and will be followed by the semifinals between Snake and the winner, and then ShowTime and Invictus Gaming. They should all go off at some point before noon the next day.

Kelsey Moser is a staff writer for theScore eSports. You can follow her on Twitter where she will do her best to refrain from chasing roster rumors willy-nilly.