10 Champions we’d like to see in a LoL movie & the actors that would play them

by Sean Tepper Jun 17 2017

It's no secret that Riot Games would love to turn League of Legends into the next great Hollywood franchise, especially after the financial success of 2016's Warcraft. But while there are no immediate plans for a LoL movie to go into production any time soon, we thought it would be fun to cast some of the roles that we'd like to see if the project ever made it to the silver screen. So without further ado, here are 10 actors we'd like to see portray our favorite champions.

Michael B. Jordan as Lucian

Michael B. Jordan is no stranger to playing badass characters, and watching him destroy the undead as the Purifier would be a welcomed change considering that fans will next see the Creed star as the villainous Erik Killmonger in Marvel’s Black Panther. Plus watching Jordan’s Lucian go up against Thresh in an inevitable sequel will sell a whole lot of tickets.

Costume he should appear in - Heartseeker Lucian

Michael B. Jordan looks damn good in a swanky suit, which will also do wonders for the movie's marketing material.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Darius

If you want to sell a lot of movie tickets, then you better make sure that your movie features Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in a starring role. While the action star has been playing the hero role as of late, seeing him return to his villainous roots would be a breath of fresh air (yes, that was a Scorpion King reference). That, coupled with the fact that we'd see him perform Noxian Guillotine on screen would ensure box office success.

Costume they should appear in - Dreadnova Darius

Let’s be real, Dunkmaster Darius just won’t work for the tone that this movie would take. Sorry guys.

And while you may feel that it would be more appropriate for a man who is best known as The Rock to play Malphite, you’re wrong.

Gal Gadot as Sivir

The hottest video game adaptation needs a star-studded cast, and who better to lead that charge then the hottest name in Hollywood. Seriously, LoL's lore describes the battle mistress as being known "for her fearless resolve and endless ambition" and who better embodies that then Wonder Woman herself.

Costume they should appear in - Spectacular Sivir

Gal Gadot has now become synonymous with Wonder Woman, and luckily for her Sivir has a Wonder Woman-inspired skin. Talk about a match made in nerd heaven.

Channing Tatum as Garen

Every big franchise needs a leading man, and any excuse to get Channing Tatum in a starring role is good in my books.

Plus, seeing the Rock’s Darius clash with Tatum’s Garen will mark the first time that the two appeared on screen together for an extended period of time (GI Joe 2 does not count).

Costume they should appear in - Rugged Garen

It's classic, simple, lets everyone gaze upon Tatum's perfectly sculpted face and could open the door to some interesting sub plots.

Scarlett Johansson as Miss Fortune

Fortune doesn't favor fools, and we'd be foolish to leave ScarJo off of this list. Not only is she an insanely talented actress, but she can kick some serious ass, as documented by her roles in Lucy, Ghost in the Shell and each of the Marvel movies she's starred in. Seeing the ultimate femme fatale go toe-to-toe with Gangplank on the big screen would be quite the treat.

Costume they should appear in - Captain Fortune

Her Road Warrior skin was a close second and we couldn't think of a plausible way to have her appear in her Arcade skin.

Donald Glover as Ekko

Personally, Donald Glover will always be the perfect Miles Morales, and if that iteration of Spider Man ever made it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he has to play him. But until then, the man also known as Childish Gambino could take some time out of his hit show Atlanta to take on the role of Ekko. As one of only a few actors who can perfectly couple his serious acting chops with the right amount of levity, Glover would be perfect as the boy who shattered time.

Costume they should appear in - PROJECT: Ekko

We’re going to go out on a whim and assume that any potential LoL movie would boast a pretty big budget, which would be awesome considering that Ekko has some of the coolest effects in the game which would translate well onto the silver screen. Now imagine how cool those stunts would be if he was in his PROJECT skin. Yeah, we’re salivating at the thought as well.

Emilia Clarke as Ashe

Let's be blunt: Emilia Clarke would make for the perfect Ashe. Not only do the two look alike, but Clarke’s is a veteran of the fantasy genre and would be perfectly at home playing the frost archer. Plus, with Game of Thrones ending soon, there is no better time to join a new, blockbuster franchise.

Costume they should appear in - Queen Ashe

If we were to cast the Queen of Dragons as Ashe, you’re damn right that she’ll be sporting an outfit that’s inspired by the Queen Ashe skin, although armor inspired by the Marauder Ashe skin would appear as an Easter Egg.

Hugh Jackman as Graves

For the last 17 years, Hugh Jackman has become synonymous with the Wolverine. But now that the Australian actor’s run as Logan has come to an end, he will need to find a new franchise to join. At first, I thought Jackman would make a great Twisted Fate, but when you look at the striking similarities between Logan and Graves, the choice became obvious. Grizzled? Check. Tough as nails? Check. Great facial hair. Check. A love for cigars? You betcha.

Plus, seeing Jackman play an outlaw for the first time in recent memory would help to show off his versatility And who knows, maybe we can throw a musical number in there for the former Les Misérables star.

Costume they should appear in - Classic Graves

Graves’ classic costume is perfect and in our LoL movie the outlaw would never be seen without his controversial cigar.

Brie Larson as Leona

Brie Larson is no stranger to joining big franchises and while she will become both a fixture in both Warner Bros.’ MonsterVerse and Marvel’s Cinematic Universe as Captain Marvel, we’re holding out hope that the Academy Award-winning actress would be able to find the time in her busy schedule to star in a LoL movie.

Costume they should appear in - Valkyrie Leona

A strong heroine played by an award-winning actress needs a suit of armor that radiates strength, class and can intimidate even the scariest of villains. Plus, we can't just put everyone in their PROJECT skins in the first movie. We need to save some of them for the sequels.

Emma Roberts as Jinx

If you ever watched Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens, you’d know that Emma Roberts is at her best when she’s playing eccentric characters, and who in the League of Legends universe is more eccentric than Jinx.

Costume they should appear in - Mafia Jinx

Picture this: After struggling to survive their latest encounter with Darius, Garen and co. realize that they’ll need to seek some unconventional help to bring him down. They enter a swanky Piltover bar and after nearly getting into a fight with a bouncer, they are brought into a backroom to find Robert’s Jinx laughing maniacally while polishing her minigun.