This Week in Gaming: South Korea looks to crack down on boosting, Neopets ban Voyboy & CS:GO's newest meme

by Sean Tepper Jun 18 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games / LoL esports Flickr

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We Like…

South Korea taking a tough stance on boosting

By now we all know that South Korea takes their esports scene very seriously, but nothing says we’re serious about protecting the scene’s integrity quite like the threat of jail time.

That’s right, according to an Inven post that was translated by Reddit user Calycae, the South Korean government is currently in the process of trying to make professional and third party boosting illegal.

The proposed amendment includes strong punishment towards these "Boosters", if a "Booster" were to disrupt gameplay by powerleveling/boosting for pay, they can be faced with up to 2 years of imprisonment or fine up to 20,000 US$ (Approximately) Until now, people couldn't punish boosting because no such law was in place. Riot Games and Korean Esports Association has been sending out warnings or C&D requests to boosting streamers or websites, but couldn't meet the player's expectations. Because of this, not only the gamers are suffering, but Esports has been taking a hit as well.

Now all of this information is from a translation that was posted on Reddit, so your guess as to how accurate it is is as good as mine, but this would be a big step for esports if the bill's amendment comes to pass and we like anything that protects the integrity of esports.

We Don’t Like…

That Voyboy was banned from Neopets

Remember Neopets, the browser-based game that every 90s kid obsessed over in grade school? Well I for one had no idea that it was still a thing, but apparently it is and the virtual pet community takes its competitive integrity quite seriously.

While in que for a League of Legends game, popular streamer and Delta Fox mid laner Voyboy was playing one of the game’s mini games to great success. In fact, Voyboy was so good at the game that the site thought he was cheating and froze his account.

We’re shocked at the game’s sophistication as well, but even more shocked that some people try to cheat in Neopets or that anyone cares that they do.

We’re Unsure Of...

How someone can possibly eat a mug?

If there’s one thing that you shouldn’t do on the internet, it’s say that you’ll partake in an outrageous act if something unexpected happens. There are a number reasons for this, with the main one being that once that unexpected thing that could never happen does happen, there’s a permanent record of it and the internet being the friendly place that it is, people won’t hesitate to remind you that nobody likes someone who welches on a bet.

Unfortunately for IGN’s Marty Silva, that’s exactly what happened.

As for how he plans to eat a mug is anyone’s guess, but at least he’s going through with it!

We Want…

Clara to stop messing with our computers

By now I’m sure that you’re well acquainted with Clara, CS:GO’s latest meme but if you aren’t then all that you need to know is that a Twitch streamer was caught cheating on stream and proceeded to blame her friend Clara for installing it on her computer.

Now you may be surprised to hear that I’m not going to follow the rest of the internet and roast this streamer (plenty of people have already done that much better than I can) or debate whether or not Clara is a real human being (she probably isn’t but who knows). Instead, I would like to take a moment to address all the Claras out there (you know who you are) because whether we care to admit it or not, everyone knows a Clara.

Dear Claras,

Please stop cheating at multiplayer video games. While cheating may make the game more fun for you, it has the opposite effect for everyone else and is just another form of lying. Instead of cheating in competitive multiplayer games, why not just cheat in single player games. Their cheat codes are usually more fun anyways and in some cases give you control of a baby on a tricycle with a minigun.

Seriously, cut it out.

Much love,