IET Roundup: Incoming WE vs iG final

by Kelsey Moser Apr 28 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of IET / IET Screengrab

Despite the heavy connotation and history, the last time a WE vs Invictus Gaming final occurred in any tournament was in Demacia Cup Season One at the end of 2013. Most rosters were looking for a pick-me-up of some kind, and iG and WE managed to blow through to the end. Since then, both iG and WE have oscillated when it comes to being good at the same time. iG made it to Spring finals, and WE was solid for most of 2014 Summer. Recently, iG has been strong again, while WE played to avoid relegation.

Whether or not you're in the camp that argues Snake and LGD didn't bring their A Game (Snake didn't even bring their normal AD carry), the reality is that Spirit and Company will be headlining the IET Final tomorrow against Invictus Gaming. Strap in. It's going to be a short yet bumpy ride.

LGD dresses down

For those who don't know, Chinese teams have very colorful nicknames from the community. Today, Flame, Acorn, We1less, imp, and Pyl decided to honor their fans with their in game tags. TBQ was left to use "Quan," his old in-game name, as TBQ was already a community gift.

For the curious, Flame is "big" or "senior princess" while We1less is "small" or "sub princess" after attempting to mimic Flame's appearance ("GODV", which he has been going by recently, is also a community nickname). Acorn's is "A brother" for his brotherly demeanor. imp's — probably shouldn't be repeated here (the English translation rhymes with fiddle s'more), but it's used affectionately. Finally, Pyl's is "little mushroom" as a play on words for "little P" (it reads better in Chinese).

After that, LGD decided they would repeatedly attempt to 1v4 WE members across the board. The intention was likely to give fans a show, but WE advanced 2-1 against LPL's second place team.

Snake lets WE have Nidalee  — and Rek'Sai

If there's one thing that the community at large has learned, it's that you don't give Spirit his power picks. There's nothing more magnificent than watching Spirit control a game nearly by himself. Credit where it's due, WE played decently across the board, but Spirit's map pressure is unrivaled, and he can often navigate team fights 1v3 successfully (yes, LGD as a whole are quite jealous).

That's what I thought -- too bad they didn't ban Rek'Sai too

Spirit believes WE can make second in 2015 LPL Summer with their current roster, probably because at this point he has them well trained to play around him. Either that, or he's in complete denial of his own power and doesn't realize that Aluka and xiye have both been on last place LPL teams before, Conan isn't a diamond in the rough, and Mystic wasn't exactly the carry Jin Air needed.

Or they all got magically better as Spirit morphed into a deity.

It's ShowTime

This was a near-complete head-scratcher of a day, as ShowTime, a team yet to make LSPL, flattened Invictus Gaming, the third place LPL team, in Game 1 of the last semifinal. Goeat, despite the hilarity of his name, flexed his jungler chops against the formidable KaKAO successfully. Even so, ShowTime's team fighting and late game control is pretty horrifying, and it's surprising they took the first game after witnessing iG's late game hold in Games 2 and 3.

They'll be fun to watch in the LSPL promotion this week regardless.

Today seemed like LGD, iG, and Snake weren't entirely serious or prepared. Perhaps they weren't as prepared for IET so soon after the LPL finals. They weren't their usual selves in many ways. I could express my feelings on the IET semifinals in more detail, but I'd rather let WeiXiao stare you down.

"What did I just watch?"

Kelsey Moser is a staff writer for theScore eSports. She is beginning to believe that 'not completely serious' is just the way of the Chinese meta. You can follow her on Twitter.