Riot discussing new format, revenue sharing with EU LCS teams

by theScore Staff Aug 3
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Riot Games have been in talks with EU LCS teams to discuss future changes to the league, including the introduction of a new format and revenue sharing, according to a Reddit post made by Riot's EU LCS product manager Marc "Snowbird" Scnhell.

"Some of the main things on our radar that we’ve been discussing with EU LCS teams over the past months include: a new format, a new revenue sharing model, longer planning horizons for teams with more viable monetisation for their business, and improvements on our ability to serve and reach our European audience that consists of many countries and languages," Snowbird said in the post.

With the introduction of franchising to the NA LCS, NA teams will no longer be under the threat of relegation, instead receiving permanent places in the league. Riot have not announced similar changes for the EU LCS, which currently features a two group system alongside relegation.

A number of EU LCS teams have applied for a franchised spot in the upcoming 2018 NA LCS. The deadline for the first phase of the application process has passed, and Riot plans to announce partners in November.

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