Off Meta: Stoneborn Pact Zyra support

by theScore Staff Aug 17 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Ardent Censer is a genuinely silly item. Repeat after me, Ardent Censer is a genuinely silly item.

The gold value it can give your teammates is, at its lowest point, at least a Recurve Bow worth of stats. It can do that to everyone, and the buff it gives lasts for roughly a bajillion seconds. So why not have Ardent Censer on champions that fully don’t deserve it, and make it work anyway because the item is so absurdly powerful? After experimenting with a few Ardent Censer concepts, I’ve found support Zyra to be a prolific user of the item.

“Hold on a second, Zyra?”

Why does this Work?

Zyra herself has no heals or shields that can contribute to Ardent Censer’s passive, it’s true. However, the Stoneborn Pact mastery gives her healing to allies based on her own crowd control, of which she has plenty. That’s right, Zyra can actually start to be an Ardent Censer abuser through the versatility of Stoneborn Pact. The best part about its applicability is that it doesn’t actually reduce her effectiveness in lane; Zyra already has ample crowd control that can hit targets and create earthen runes to heal off of. Wait, am I really bringing Zyra back?

When it comes to laning, going so far into the Resolve Mastery tree allows Zyra to lane more effectively against threats as she now has access to more health and resistances where she otherwise wouldn’t. 5% bonus maximum health in combination with extra tenacity can give her extra durability in all-in scenarios and can help her avoid ganks through reduced crowd control duration. Ancient Coin also gives you the mana to constantly spam spells. You’re also Zyra meaning it’s incredibly hard to get caught as you aggressively push the lane and zone any enchanters and tanks supports attempting to engage. Why am I making Zyra meta again?

If we need more proof that Ardent Censer is absurd, it’s that it has the perfect stats for Zyra. She gets a huge bonus in ability power, mana regeneration and cooldown reduction. The item is fairly gold efficient to boot, making it not a bad purchase on its own. With your ability to trigger Stoneborn pact and make use of its buff to allies, the item gets great usage as a rushed purchase. I can’t believe I’m bringing back Zyra right now.

And if you’re green thumb resembles something more purple or brown and you can’t plant seeds or hit Zyra Es? Well, first, maybe go see a doctor. But secondly, perhaps going into Rylai’s as a second item would be in your best interests, my dear uncoordinated reader! The item gives you a slow off of every spell you cast and your plants’ attacks, meaning that everything you cast gives your allies the Ardent Censer buff. But wait, there’s more! Stoneborn Pact gives you more health from building these items and their health components, making you deceptively tanky alongside the still-broken Fearless mastery.

After completing Rylai's, you have enough bonus health that Locket of the Iron Solari is a viable purchase against area of effect burst, and Redemption is a viable purchase through access to two healing and shielding bonus effects amplifying the heal active. The 200 health from Redemption also amplifies Locket and Stoneborn Pact's heal and additional health. And if your team needs it, there's always the "yoloqueue" Liandry's Torment purchase which synergizes with Rylai's and your ability power from Rylai's and Ardent Censer.

The Build

  1. Ancient Coin + Three Health Potions
  2. Nomad's Medallion + Boots
  3. Ardent Censer
  4. Eye of the Oasis
  5. Boots of Swiftness or Mercury Treads or Sorcerer Shoes
  6. Rylai's Crystal Scepter
  7. Redemption or Locket of the Iron Solari
  8. Redemption or Locket of the Iron Solari
  9. Liandry's Torment

And don't forget to buy control wards. Or else...

Gabriel Zoltan-Johan is a news editor at theScore esports and the head analyst for the University of Toronto League of Legends team. His (public) musings can be found on his Twitter.