This Week in Gaming: For Dishonor, Riot red-carded and Sccc takes over Reddit

by theScore Staff Aug 18
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

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We Like...

T-Mobile jumping into esports

On Thursday, wireless carrier T-Mobile made a surprising dip into esports with sponsorships for both Team SoloMid and Cloud9.

T-Mobile are just the latest of big-name consumer brands sniffing out the esports gold rush and staking their claim. For instance, German car manufacturer Audi sponsored Astralis in January while Toshiba sponsored Panda Global in July.

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As charming as it is whenever one of these companies gets into esports, we sort of hope AT&T don't feel the need to match their rivals at T-Mobile and jump in after them.

The last thing League needs is an NA version of the Telecom War.

We Don't Like...

A For Honor player using an exploit to win a tournament

Admittedly, For Honor isn't exactly a premiere esport. In fact, it's barely a fifth-tier esports. However, that doesn't make it okay that Jakub “SB.Alernakin” Palen won a Ubisoft-organized tournament because of a character-specific exploit that makes some attacks un-parryable.

At the very least, the exploit has since been fixed but Ubi couldn't have rolled out the patch before they held a tournament that was supposed to show For Honor's competitive potential?

We're Unsure Of...

Edgar Davids winning a lawsuit against Riot

Riot Games has always toed the line when it comes to designs that are clearly based on pre-existing characters, such as Jinx — who is definitely not Harley Quinn — and Yellow Jacket Shen — who is definitely not Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.

However, that laissez-faire attitude came back to bite the developer on Tuesday, when a Dutch court ruled in favor of retired European football player Edgar Davids, who claimed that the Striker Lucian skin was based on his iconic tied-back dreadlocks and orange goggles.

Riot will have to fork over a percentage of the proceeds garnered by the skin to Davids, but the real question here is whether the developer will have to cut down on lore-breaking, referential skins. We hope it's at least not before Jhin gets a Handsome Jack skin.

We Want...

Our Lord and Savior Sccc

While Newbee failed to win The International 2017, the team's mid Song "Sccc" Chun won the peoples' hearts, at least judging by his takeover of the Dota 2 subreddit.

As with any grassroots movement, Sccc's domination started simply enough with a few people post pictures of him with various other players at the tournament. By the end though, the movement became a full on phenomenon with the 21-year-old sensation's visage dominating /r/dota2's banner.

I mean, that totally makes up for getting 3-0'd in the Grand Final and losing out on the $10,862,683 that went to Team Liquid, right? Right?

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