Off Meta: Ornn Support

by theScore Staff Aug 24 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Often, I've been described by others as a mad scientist of sorts. I come up with wacky ideas that end up working out, and even eventually see professional play. Listen, not everyone can be an adopter of the best ideas on day one. I understand, it makes sense. Part of the insanity of being a theorycrafter is when new and reworked items and champions come out. You just can't help but want to test every single thing.

I’m gonna be real, I haven’t even touched the new champion Ornn yet, but just based on numbers and kit alone, this loner blacksmith will be a highly functional support. He literally does everything you’d want a support to do. He allows you to build better items, he charges at foes, eats crowd control without issue and even summons a giant Ram God thing and headbutts it at others. The last thing is something other supports only dream of.

Why does this work?

Ornn has some well-versed innate tankiness and utility in his kit. He can literally eat crowd control, has a gap closer, creates terrain to disrupt opponents‘ pathing and has a wide array of hard and soft crowd control. As a result, grabbing Stoneborn Pact can be useful for laning and your allies.

However, the biggest way that this version of Ornn works is through his ability to shop outside of the shop for things that are not consumables. With this, he can easily upgrade his regeneration items, and he can even purchase items that will generate more gold. Imagine having a very early upgrade on your Ancient Coin without having to base, accelerating your gold generation further and your coin quest as a result.

That gold, while unable to buy you health potions, can in fact net you earlier support items, including a very early Sightstone! While you can’t buy Control Wards away from base, you can in fact buy Sightstone and its upgrades. This will give you wards to roam around with after shoving a lane in with your Q and W.

Because this is a new champion, I figure I might as well not leave you in the dust and give you the appropriate runes and masteries that would theoretically make this work. High Elo supports in Korea pioneered a clever way by which you have access to lane sustain as a melee support, regardless of the matchup.

The first aspect is having health regeneration runes. Having full health regeneration yellows, alongside two health regeneration quintessences will grant you over two health per second! It doesn’t sound like much, until you realize that you will outsustain your opponent through your three health potions, and keep yourself in lane longer to buy more items and earn more gold. After, grabbing armor reds and magic resistance blues, a flat health quintessence will ensure your safety in lane.

You also don’t lose out on much early health, by virtue of opting into Veteran Scars alongside Stoneborn Pact. Your W shield, which will be on a fairly low cooldown, will also help you survive. Going 18 points into Resolve (including Fearless*), and 12 Points in Cunning with meditation will give you the innate sustain required to keep you in lane and purchasing items such as Coin upgrades, Sightstone and even full boots for roaming purposes.

In teamfights, Ornn is a great disruptor, and can even abuse Ardent Censer (yes, please be that guy) to use his crowd control to give allies a crazy buff through Stoneborn Pact.

*This is your weekly “Fearless is broken” reminder.

The Build

  1. Ancient Coin + Three Health Potions
  2. Nomad's Medallion + Level One Boots
  3. Sightstone
  4. Boots of Mobility
  5. Eye of the Oasis
  6. Knight's Vow
  7. Ardent Censer
  8. Redemption
  9. Locket of the Iron Solari

Don't forget to go back to base to refresh wards AND buy control wards!

Gabriel Zoltan-Johan is a news editor at theScore esports and the head analyst for the University of Toronto League of Legends team. His (public) musings can be found on his Twitter.