Around the Web: Fun in the sun at ESG Mykonos, DreamHack Montreal controversy and LCS Regional Qualifier hype

by Colin McNeil Sep 11 2017
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This week we've got a real life fighter trying his hand at the virtual version, a CS:GO tournament in the middle of Mediterranean paradise and regional qualifiers hype EU LCS and NA LCS.

Vacation byali ever wanted

Esports players are usually pretty pale and there’s a reason for that. With tournaments held in such tropical paradise spots as Boston, Montreal and Atlanta, there’s not much chance for a tan.

But a Greek island? Now we’re talking.

ESG Mykonos was a rare chance for some of Counter-Strike’s best to have some fun in the sun between games this weekend. And they took full advantage.

Map pool? Nah, it was all about the wading pool.

What, you didn't think we'd leave the X God off this list did you?

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Them's fighting games, Georges

With a potentially career-defining comeback fight scheduled for UFC 217 on Nov. 4, you'd think mixed martial arts legend Georges St-Pierre would be busy, you know, training or something. But the Canadian three-time former Welterweight Champion found the time to throw down with some of the Fighting Game Community’s top competitors at DreamHack Montreal.

The Immortals forfeit controversy

It wasn't all fun and games in Montreal though. Immortals were obliged to forfeit a map to North in the Grand Final of the event's CS:GO tournament after allegedly arriving late to the match.

According to Counter Logic Gaming coach Steve "Ryu" Rattacasa, several IMT players had also been late to their match against CLG in the morning.

DreamHack released a statement about the incident, saying "the team was informed that the grand final would be scheduled to start one hour after the second semi final had concluded, as a part of the accelerated scheduled [sic] which the entire tournament has been running on communicated to all attending teams ahead of time."

Naturally, several players and commentators had hot takes on the sitch.

However, North's social media guy might have had the hottest take of all.

LCS Regional Qualifiers hype

Sunday was the final chance for EU and NA LCS teams to qualify for the League of Legends World Championship, and fans in both regions hopped on the hype train.

The Fnatic fanatics were out in force on social media

And so were the NA fans.

Even Hurricane Irma couldn't stop the hype.

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