Around the Web: The day we discovered Mario punches Yoshi in the head and the NA LCS returns to best-of-ones

by Sean Wetselaar Oct 2 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Nintendo

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This week, the NA LCS returned to a best of one format—with mixed opinion—and Nintendo confirmed Mario's dark past.

NA LCS returns to best-of-ones

The North American League of Legends Championship Series will be returning to a best-of-one regular season format in 2018, the league announced last week. The move, which accompanies the switch to a franchising format, will see fewer regular season games and move back to a system more closely resembling the early splits of the LCS, which saw a Bo1 regular season in both NA and EU.

The change, which was made in part because it will be "a more digestible format for fans to watch than Bo3," according to the release, was a somewhat controversial one.

But while some were critical of the move, others felt it was a better choice for viewers and the league long-term.

Mario's abusive relationship with Yoshi

Nintendo developers confirmed this week that famous former plumber Mario was originally punching his trusty steed Yoshi in the head, in a bid to get him to extend his tongue.

This somewhat unexpected canonical animal abuse came to light in an interview with Nintendo's Takashi Tezuka and Shigefumi Hino, who admitted that in initial art for Super Mario World, Mario's sprite punched Yoshi in the head. The famous tongue-extension was, in fact, an expression of surprise from the wounded digital dinosaur.

The community was, naturally, somewhat taken aback by the news.

Though others were quick to embrace the newly-violent nature of one of the most widely recognized gaming franchises.

As responsible citizens, we have alerted the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Yoshis.

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