Infographic: Patch 7.19 champion win rates - AD carry, Support

by theScore Staff Oct 11 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of theScore esports

With Patch 7.20 dropping today, theScore esports decided to take a look at how the Patch 7.19 meta panned out, complete with it's major shifts including Janna and Azir's balance changes.

This article has win rates for AD carry and support. To see win rates for top, Jungle, and mid click here.

While Miss Fortune is shaping up to be a strong pubstomper AD carry in Bronze, Twitch has the highest win rate in each other Elo including Platinum. Despite lower win rates, Vayne and Tristana are still the most picked ADCs, so counter-picking against them can also be a valid strategy.

Finally, the Support meta in each Elo is a mix-up of Soraka, Janna, Sona Taric and Brand, however Soraka, Janna and Sona take up the top three spots in Silver, Gold and Platinum.

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