theScore esports Daily (Oct. 12): Fnatic makes comeback history at Worlds and Riot founders go back to game design

by Josh Bury Oct 12 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games / LoL esports

Fnatic miraculously makes it out of groups at Worlds

Fnatic began their matches at the League of Legends World Championship early this morning with a loss to Longzhu Gaming, bringing their record to a dismal 0-4. In order to get out of the group, they’d not only need to win all their remaining matches, but rely on a little luck in other results just to be able to play tiebreaker matches. But those tiebreakers became necessary as Gigabyte Marines, Immortals and Fnatic all held 2-4 records. Fnatic rallied to take two tiebreakers, advancing to the knockout stage in the process.

On the broadcast, Fnatic ADC Rekkles gave his teammates a bit of a pep talk before their first win.

“This is the game. Last game didn't happen. If we win this, we're in it.”

A team that has started the group stage 0-3 has never advanced to the knockout stage at Worlds.

Also in Group B, Longzhu Gaming went 4-0 to emerge as the top seed. But they did it faster than any team so far in Worlds history: According to LCK caster Papasmithy, the total amount of time in-game for Longzhu was one hour, 46 minutes.

Riot Games founders step down from management, head back to game design

Riot Games’ founders will soon be taking a more active role in working on the company’s games.

Marc “Tryndamere” Merrill and Brandon “Ryze” Beck announced a “lane swap” of sorts on the company’s websites, where they will leave company operations to other executives and “jump back into the trenches for this next chapter.”

The announcement also hints that the company will soon be able to reveal information about other games besides League of Legends, as the post says they “look forward to working with them to finally put the ‘s’ in Riot Games.”

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