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Infographic: How the Worlds champion meta developed

by Sasha Erfanian, David Rabinovitch Nov 8
Thumbnail image courtesy of theScore esports

One of the most interesting things about Worlds is seeing players from around the World bringing their different playstyles and metas to bear in the ultimate LoL competition.

To take a deeper look at how the Worlds champion meta developed, we took a look at the most picked and banned champions from each stage of the competition.

Of course, the most banned champion throughout the play-in, group and bracket stages was Kalista who came out of the Worlds patch unbearably broken. The champion is so astonishingly powerful, she was banned 114 times and somehow got through to actual games five times in the play-in stage. She had an 80 percent win rate.

Among the most picked champions are Lulu and Janna both of whom benefited significantly from Ardent Censor's massive buffs. Janna players in particular were successful at the main event with a 70 percent win rate.

Additionally, the most picked champions include a number that work well with Ardent Censor users including Tristana, though her spike in play also involves other aspects of the meta and her reliable carry potential coupled with her mobility.

Interestingly, the bracket stage sees a large jump in Jayce bans thanks largely to SK Telecom T1 and Longzhu Gaming's well-known strategy of using him to split-push effectively.

Sasha Erfanian is a news editor for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twitter.