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Huni on returning to NA: 'I really want to prove that I'm good. Because I'm from World Finals, so I should be able to win'

by Daniel Rosen Jan 17 2018
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Seung-hoon "Huni" Heo is one of the most traveled players in League of Legends. The top laner has played in three regions over the past three years, for three different teams.

Now, he's returning to North America, the only region of those three he hasn't won a championship in, to play for Echo Fox. Huni spoke with theScore esports about Echo Fox's new roster, his region-hopping tendencies, and what he picked up from playing for SK Telecom T1.

What did you learn from your time on SKT?

I was spending time [in] 2017 with SKT, that I learned from it a lot. As a person, or even just in my playstyle or how to play better, because SKT is always going to be the best team in League of Legends history, they won like three times World Championships. So, I got a lot from SKT that, just being rock solid or like, just playing better, and you know, I can be vocalizing more. I think at everything, I got better. I improved so hard.

Why return to North America?

I have played in NA in 2016, and it was [a] really good memory, because NA has really good opportunities to participate for Koreans, because like, there's a lot of food, good food, and the weather is really nice. As a person, I think NA was high quality to actually stay in, to be a professional player, so that's why I decided to move to NA. And also the NA LCS is the only one I couldn't beat. This time, I really want to try again, and it's going to be a new challenge for Echo Fox too.

Why did you choose to sign with Echo Fox?

Because they just treat me really well, and when I was looking for a team, there was not much team ... so for me, it was not that easy, but they treat me really well, and also they give me the best offer too. I like the staff, the staff are really nice guys there, doing really well, and I just like it.

How do you feel about the roster you’re playing with this season?

I have been playing with like, more than four days probably, I can't say right now, but I can feel that they're really good. I can see that. And I can say that it's gonna be really good for Echo Fox this season coming up, and our goal is first of all is going to be playoffs, and obviously we can win the whole NA LCS too.

You’ve played on four teams in four years, in three different regions. Is it jarring at all for you to jump around so much?

Because, I'm really confident to just move on a team and get used to it. I think that's my strong point. And also, it's just high value. I really like it, I really like to experience everything. It's really fun. Like, I experienced the EU culture, and it was really nice, the fans there were really good, and even in LCK, they were really nice to me, I learned a lot from LCK. 2016, I feel that it was a really good experience for me in my life, because that year was [a] fail [for the] first time in my professional experience, I'm pretty sure that I just like travel, and to get new experience. I think it's cool. No one can do it, I don't think [just] anyone can do it, I think it's really nice, and it's really enjoyable.

Which teams are you looking out for as the teams you have to beat this season?

For me, there's like former teammates that in CLG, which is Reignover, and I really want to beat him, because we're former teammates, and it's my friend. And also, our goal is just winning NA LCS too. Of course, there is going to be strong teams, like example TL or TSM, CLG, but I don't think it's unbeatable. We should just try hard to win.

Do you have any personal goals for the split?

For individually, I just want to win NA LCS, for myself too. Also I really want to prove that I'm good. Because I'm from World Finals, so I should be able to win.

Daniel Rosen is a news editor for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twitter.