Deficio leaves Riot Games, will continue to cast EU LCS

by Daniel Rosen Feb 15
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Flickr

Martin "Deficio" Lynge has left Riot Games to take up a freelance role with the organization, the popular EU LCS caster announced Thursday.

Deficio got his start in professional League of Legends as a player, but joined Riot as a caster in 2014, and has been at the EU LCS ever since. According to a statement Deficio made on Facebook, he will continue to cast EU LCS games.

"I’ll continue to cast EU LCS on a regular basis, and I don’t plan to move into any other games," Deficio said. "The move to a freelancer will allow me to work as an independent consultant on a few projects that I feel really passionate about. I have loved my time at Riot, and there’s a lot more I want to do to help grow esports in Europe."

Deficio did not clarify what other kinds of projects he's hoping to work on.

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