HIGHLIGHTS: Top 5 plays from Day 1 of MSI

by Paul Park May 8 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Robert Paul / theScore eSports

The first day of the Mid-Season Invitational is behind us and what a day it was! Tournament favorites, SK Telecom T1 ended the day undefeated while Wild Card qualifiers Beşiktaş e-Sports Club ended the day without a single win.

Needless to day, SKT topped the charts in every category, including our Top 5 plays list:

5. This is our #PacquiaoMayweather.

Although it was not quite the "Fight of the Century", Huni faced off against westdoor in a pound-for-pound battle in the top lane. The bout was extremely even but westdoor just edged out the Fnatic top-laner, masterfully dodging Hecarim's Onslaught of Shadows with his Playful/Trickster.

4. Gate keeper Faker

Beşiktaş mid-laner Energy just wanted to move into his base, a simple task for most, but when you face the world's best player, even your movements are dictated by where he graciously allows you to go. Sorry Energy, Fakers says "No."

3. What Koro1 starts, he ends

Koro1 started this play by diving into a group of three AHQ members. After narrowly escaping certain death, he returns with an amazing Homeguard/Teleport play that puts three AHQ bodies on the floor.

Oh! And Clearlove landed a four man ultimate to help too.

2. Westdoor gets screamed at to death

AHQ's mid-laner got his hands on his signature Twisted Fate in his matchup against Beşiktaş and looked to make a play onto an unsuspecting Thaldrin. Unfortunately for him, porting into a Cassiopeia is unwise to say the least, as her Petrifying Gaze is easily set up by the Twisted Fate ultimate.

Westdoor found out the hard way and payed the price by giving up an unnecessary death.

1. There's no escape for Santorin

Santorin was caught out in the wrong side of the jungle and SK Telecom T1 quickly swarmed in for the kill. His only hope for survival was Thresh's lantern as he had quickly run out of options. He got the lantern but was completely denied by Wolf's Alistar in this amazing, must see play.

Honorable Mention: Happy Birthday Faker

Almost the entire Beşiktaş e-Sports Club threw a surprise party for Faker's birthday just three minutes into their game against SK Telecom T1. It was a complete success, as Faker clearly did not see this one coming.

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